I'm BULLISH on Tezzies! (XTZ)

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I started buying at $2.00 and then it went to $1.90 around April 11th. It pays staking rewards, up to 6% depending on the wallet you hold it in, (Coinbase sucks at 4%) so I like tht, no bank is even close to 4%. I did a short series called "Stable Returns" on Sundays under the @spinvest account. Here:
The selling points of this staking coin are many and varied, which makes it attractive to the traditional investing/banking money as well as the dedicated Crypto people.
A. Governance model is similar to our DPOS witness system, but less of a "popularity system" it seems.
B. ANYONE can "Bake" with 8000 XTZ and minimal hardware requirements (much less than a witness)
C. Those who do not wish to "BAKE" can DELEGATE and earn just over 90% of the Baking Rewards (6% vs 6.6%) This beats the dog crap out of the current HIVE Witness voting system, I think ALL non-witnesses will agree!
D. The founders were former Goldman-Sachs executives. I believe they have sold their major interest, however. Current management is looking very good...
E. The initial P&D phase of the coin hit $12 but this weeks high was $4.38 that bodes well when a coin can rebound after the initial P&D phase.
F. XTZ community is adding new "foundations" one by one...
G. Word on the coin blogs is that BIG Institutional Money is looking for certain benchmarks and then adding capital as these are hit. Hence the rise from $1.90 to $4.38 in 4 months...

The initial reports I saw on this coin, from a paid Web-Bot report, were that this was a very ambitious "ground up" venture, but that the founders had no expertise in the arena, and the code was suspect, but now it seems the governance model was strong enough to overcome what were perceived as 'fatal flaws' by the crypto and web community as a whole. Having professional money people as founders has paid off handsomely, and that is now a must when I am looking at the fundamentals of a startup or recently established coin.


We got away from the ninja-mined Steem dead weight but when we broke away, lots of the crybabies came along. Tweaking our governance would go a long way towards fixing the problems we still have!

1875 S double Eagle reverse.jpg

Like getting back to the Gold Standard, lots of work but it would be GREAT!

I am also posting this on the #infowars (cuz I run it) and #lassecash (cuz it's like infowars ideals). I will likely start offering infowars upvotes to the lassecahs users who add our tag. That user interface is cryptowars.me just as an FYI!

Thanks to @metzli for the good write-up on Lassecash!


Wanna steeeakk xtz too 😁

Heres 20-00+ Infowars tokens in an upvote for you! lets hustle INFOWARS to $1 and make it a $1 billion marketcap project sopp we can back int with real silver and gold when we buy silver mines with profit from infowarsdac funds backed by advertisements and water filetrs solar panels and ALEX WATER FILTERS and PATRIOT SUPPLY FOOX BOXES AND FOOD COINS

hahaha we will use GOD GOLD AND GUNS to FUND OUR PATRIOT TELOS SYSTEM @underground

YAY @ackza!!!

Like to see them mine the Gold out of Chocolate Mountain 💪😎👍

$4+ per coin now but well worth the effort!

Thanks for stopping by SweeetZ

I did not love the idea of investing through coinbase, but, it seems like a better and better idea every time.

4% is a lot better than the less than 1% you get at the bank.

Is there a minimum amount you need to own to get started?

Not at Coinbase, well, I am way below "baker level" on 2 smaller accounts, but my main is well above. They all earn the interest. If you have another quality wallet, you get more like 6%
crypto.com is paying 6.00%
Atomic Wallet is paying 6.02%
Coinbase is like 4.05% but they were like 4.9%
they are greedy @coinbase

PS: my traditional bank just dropped interest rates from 0.05% to 0.03%


I think that staking is going to be big @underground! You are so correct about the 6% ROI !!!
I have been so busy, I need to start looking into staking...thanks for the info my friend!!😀

127% GAINS

also nothing to sneeze at LOL

That's SOLID @underground!!🤗 Whats going on with ETH, People are talking about a moon shot????

I think it's just a run-up for the ETH 2.0 rollout, I don't really keep up with the
developments. But I knew back when the price was still ~$200 it was time to get my "32"!!!

Thanks @underground, silvergoldstackers had a Discord Group call at noon today and someone was saying that same thing....
You really need to keep an ear to the ground in crypto LOL!!!
Have a good one my friend!!!!

XTZ is down a lot, but I'm still in an awesome position. What is happening in the overall crypto-space is that capital is 'trickling down'. BTC is suffering a small net loss. Top Tier ALTS like XTZ, and especially those which are in Profit, well, these profits are being harvested. Mid-tier and speculation crypto is growing, but mostly from the upper tier profit harvest. What I am going to look at pretty soon is the overall market cap. In a few days I expect it to be UP a bit. BTC seems to be holding close to recent plateaus. (12k) XTZ is settling in around support levels as profits are being taken, then as lower prices are seen, dedicated div-hounds like me are buying MOAR. I am seeing patterns emerge that would allow one to profitably trade the waves and/or predict the dip-buying opportunities. DCA is great, I like DCA a lot for novices but wave prediction can yield more for your money, especially if you combine the two.

Okay so Tezos are good.

Posted from Telokanda Hive Dapp

TEZZIES are GOOD, Tezos IS good. lol
...it's a rare singular noun that ends in "S"

I’ve got some of those.



Way ahead of ya.


The more I hear / read about Tezos, the more it catches my interest. And I agree with you on the point of having professional money people as founders is not a bad thing to have as a coin. In fact I think it will pay off much more then you have seen so far. Thanks for bringing this coin to everyone's attention.

All good points, and the professional money people on the Tezos Foundation(s)
are catching the eyes of the big Institutional Investors, I would not be surprised
if G-S and other big banker types dump some moldy old FIAT into the new paradigm


Now this makes me really put on my thinking cap ...


Wow I am amazed with all that you saying abt gold and mining and baking 😊 . You got that motivation in you to promote anything and make it possible 😉👍

TELOS staking rewards are WAY better 15 to 30% !!!!


https://newdex.io buy telos with eos here https://telos.alcor.exchange

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