Movers & Shakers of the LEO top 100 - Week 15 - 2021

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This is a snapshot of what has happened among the top 100 on the LEO richlist during last week.

LEO Top 100 MS3.png

Picture by Arthur Halucha on Pixabay

The movers is those that have moved the most places forward on the list.
The shakers are those who have made the biggest positive percent change on their amount of LEO tokens. The reason I use percent change and not amount change, is because it features people that have increased their amount of LEO compared to the amount they had. Because it is an achievement to be able to go from 1000 LEO to 1500 LEO since it is harder to manage to earn it than for a person having 30000 LEO going to 31000 LEO even if that is a bigger amount. This will help feature people that maybe are not so often thought of but are still doing great.
Top 10 stakers, this lists the accounts among the top 100 that have staked the most within the last week.
To be counted on any of the lists you have to stay in the top 100.

The movers list will include the top 3 always if possible, but can be extended up to 10 if the top 10 accounts are not sharing their spot with another. The movers list could be excluded if there are too many accounts sharing the number one spot.

If an account ends up at the same % as number 10 on the shakers list it will also be mentioned with a limit of up to 5 accounts.

I am listing the 3 accounts that is just outside the top 100, to maybe inspire them to make that little extra push to get inside.

The list is based on accounts with staked LEO.
Accounts with only liquid LEO is excluded.
The liquid and staked LEO is added up and makes an accounts total, that is used in calculation.

Removal of accounts
The @noleo4u account is removed from the list.
If anyone sees an account in the post that should be removed then please leave a comment telling which account and why. This account will then be removed in any future post if the given reason is acceptable.

About this weeks lists

This week things are back to normal after last week's unusual large list of movers.


The total of the top 100 accounts has decreased with -154656.008 LEO since last week.
To enter the top 100 you have to have more than 6968.008 LEO as of this week.
That is 124.632 LEO more than last week.

The Lists

The biggest Movers are:

Account# placesfrom - to
1@steem-key21100 - 79
2@swelker101796 - 89
3@tomhall.leo530 - 25

The biggest Shakers are:

Account% Gain

Top 10 stakers are:

AccountStake Gain

New or returning are:


Almost there:


Check them out, and follow those you are not following yet.

PS: 10% of the LEO, CTP & HBD from this post goes to @CTPSB.


I am planning to buy more ctp so I hope I’ll be featured in the next list. 😀😀

Thanks for the comment & the reblog.
Well to get featured in this list you have to buy and stake LEO.
Maybe you mixed up the posts or the token.
Anyway nice to hear that you are planning to invest in more tokens.

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Ohh sorry! I got it wrong. This was about Leo.
I recently staked 63 Leo. This may not be enough but I’ll stake more in the future.

This is really cool like an MVP list :-D

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Thanks for the comment.
Yes it is kind of last week MVP's. ;)

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Nice to see yourself on the lists! LEO is the main driving force at Hive!


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Thanks for the comment & the reblog.
You deserve to be there, when you produce the kind of results you do this week.
You are right, with the amount of projects they have they are for sure the number one engine of hive at the moment.

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