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RE: EDS inflation proof HIVE income tokens are now for sale - Search EDS on hive-engine

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Very good @eddie-earner. We're off and running! Your "band of brothers" are significant HODLers and looking forward to seeing this initiative succeed!

P.S. Was that you, by any chance, that bought 1 EDS, so your initiative's supporters would see some value on their EDS holdings in the HE wallet?


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hehe, no i did not buy the token :) I see we are flying and sold another 1, haha

We will make money from stuff the longer the project runs. The small limited 20k issue is to make it easier for us to increase income payments quicker. It's easy to earn 20-30% on a 20k HP balance but hard on a 200k HP. There is genuis in my method :)

I have never had friends before so for me, old Eddie Earner to have a band of brothers, i feel blessed and the air in my face is like gods breath. Life is good, thank you for your support Bro :)