Eddie Earner Cartoon shorts #1 - The unwatchable lotto draw

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1st of the series of short cartoons starring Eddie Earner. They are amateur, the plot lines suck but they are written to be a good excuse to get away from crypto analyzation, HIVE politics are whatever else you are doing and be entertained for a few minutes and unwind. These shorts are used as a way to produce humorous content, something that different. Please visit my intro post for full details about Eddie Earner and EDS tokens.


#1 - The unwatchable lotto draw


Wow, What a heroic tail of mystery and triumph. I left the house this morning to do some jumping out of a plane to pretend to be a real bee and I ended up having a crazy journey were I got stranded in the snow mountains, got captured by the military and raced at 120 mph on the journey back home for the big lotto draw and then......... I won the lotto (sort of).

A few cartoon short will be released every week on Mondays

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For full details about Eddie Earner and his EDS token.

Please visit my introduction post


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LOL 💪😎🤙

It's worth a few HIVE for the cartoons alone!!!
awaiting a powerdown, Mate!

underground has entered the building!!!


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My post my friend.

Chuck old Feetah!
(Hi @patrice!!!)

Hive sent!!

Greta stuff, i have just added your pre buy to the list. Party time :)


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I like your Camerons! (Cartoons But My phone Think I want to write camerons)
Say hey to all your bumblebee friends.
Do you like !BEER ?

Hey, thank you man/women/person. Thank you :)

Oh yes, me and the bees have a drink every week at the BumbleHive honey beer bar. It's expensive but the shots pack a sting


I am a IT.
Like the clown of Stephen King.

I watched the movie, not read any of the books. Too scary for me, im a good bee :)


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oh cool, nice meeting you Eddie!! :)
is this similar to spinvest ?

Hello, good you see over here :)

EDS is a little similar to SPI but the focus is not the same. Both on set up on the POH (proof of holding) so no staking required and both payout weekly dividends. EDS will start paying out on the 21st of September.

EDS tokens = Income Token - The weekly dividend is set at 12% of the total HIVE POWER balance of the eddie-earner account. The is projected to grow by 10% per year thus increasing income payments for token holders. The EDS token price is planned to remain stable at around 1 HIVE. All account growth/earnings is focused on increasing income payments for EDS token holders.

SPI tokens = Investment token - Capped weekly dividends with growth going toward increasing token price. The weekly dividend (6-8%) is capped at 50% of SPinvest's HIVE earnings. 60-75% of growth/earnings are focused on increasing the SPI token price.


thanks for the explanation! hive sent :)