Eddie Earner Cartoon shorts #10 - The day wLEO got hacked

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10th of the series of short cartoons starring Eddie Earner. They are amateur, the plot lines suck but they are written to be a good excuse to get away from crypto analyzation, HIVE politics are whatever else you are doing and be entertained for a few minutes and unwind. These shorts are used as a way to produce humorous content, something that is different.


The day wLEO got hacked


A new cartoon short will be released every week on Mondays

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Basic Stats

Every week, I update these basic stats for EDS tokens that wish to keep up with how things are going for Eddie. This week we start week 1 and as with every week, the results are consistent ....... consistently going up. That's right, we can't lose. Just check the numbers every week. I might be a BEE but I got A's for maths.


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Nice to see SPEW got out okay @eddie-earner. I had a share in that, so thankful at least that aspect of my venture into the "pool" fared well, under the circumstances. As for my own considerably larger direct stake? Resulted in far and away the largest loss in the 3 years I have been invested in this new digital asset. Pending the outcome of whatever the LeoFinance team elects to do to "make whole"those who were damaged by this hack. I look forward to their "full report" on exactly what happened and what steps will be taken to prevent a reoccurence.

Hello, yes, JK6276 was lucky and pulled the trigger just in time. If he was 2-3 minutes later, we have still have wrapped LEO.

I think the SPEW pool refunds are starting to go out so keep an eye on your HE wallet. Sorry to hear about your personal investment, we just got unlucky this time.


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What a cool cartoon! I just come across you, but in this short piece you managed to highlight both experiences I felt yesterday: being lucky having joined the SPEW pool, and being less lucky with my other investment in the main pool. Oh well, I suppose eventually I'll be able to unwrap my wLEO, and hope it's not all completely fake.

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There must be some way that the Leo Finance team can tell the difference between a real wrapped LEO and a fake based on the mintage times are transaction patterns.

At least we got some out from the SPinvest SPEW pool. I think the refunds have started to go out for it so you might see that appear in your HE wallet soon.

Thank you for the nice comments, i do a weekly cartoon, mostly silly content but fun for me to produce :) You can visit old cartoons using the links at the bottom of each post.


Little fellah always gets a lucky break!

I dont always coming up smelling like roses


Wait......maybe i do :)

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puh...Nice to see you are okej
Take a !BEER (without alcohol) and have a nice day.

Oh yes, i always comes out ok. Thanks fr the beer


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Hey Eddie Earners!!
I'll sell U some ETH direct
Don't crash the LEO prices LOL

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ooops Most of it is Staked
I have around 1 eth available

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