EDS tokens EXPLAINED - The early BEE gets the HIVE!

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Hello everyone, my name is Eddie Earner and today I will be mostly looking into the numbers of my EDS token. No cartoon this week, im sorry, I know I have thousands of loyal fans waiting on my advice and adventures but today we look into numbers. I've been so focused on creating adventures, I have maybe not best explained exactly how I provide an inflation-proof HIVE income for EDS token holders. I've been up and running for 3 months now so I have some numbers I can show you that will explain how my model works better than i can with words.


Lets take it back to the start

I launched my EDS tokens 12 weeks ago with a few simples promises. To date we've issued 8,300 tokens, I had higher hopes but I always do. After today and seeing the numbers below, you will be interested and if your not, it's over your head,.....clearly. Let's look at what I promised to do.


Here is the 5-year growth plan
5 years? HA, more like 2 years at this rate, the game is too easy. 12 weeks in and we are on year 2 already. Jes, it's not easy always winning but the grind makes it happen for me. Maybe we can hit year 4 target before year 1 is over, I make those targets easy to hit so I feel good about myself when I do hit them. I do like to feed my own ego but when I make promises and then make them promises look like dirt, its hard not getting an ego. I am Eddie Earner, aka Bee man HIVE wizard, aka King Bee. Here was the 5-year growth projections before I realised I was amazing and could do waaay better.


Let's look at the real numbers to date

Total EDS issued - 8,366.61

Total HIVE POWER balance - 9,119.45

NOTE - My weekly EDS HIVE income payment is based on 12% of my HIVE POWER balance, not 12% of your investment. If you dont understand what that means, you're most likely overthinking it

If I sold 10,000 tokens, I would pay out 1,200 HIVE per year based on 12%. right?....wrong!


If I sold 10,000 tokens and earned an extra 1,000 HIVE from posting, curating and leasing HP, then I would payout closer to 1,320 based on 12% of my HIVE POWER balance. right?....right!

See, it's pretty simple and that's how we get an inflation-proof HIVE income token.

Account growth to date

9,119 powered up HIVE in my account divided by 8366 issued EDS tokens result in each EDS receiving a payment of 12% on 1.09 HIVE. Basically, we have 9% growth already putting me well ahead of the yearly target of 10% with only 12 weeks gone.

Today the real percentage rate on your investment is 13.08% meaning income payments have already increased by 1.08%. Might not sound like a lot but it'll soon start to compound down as it increases each week.

1000 EDS tokens on week 1 yielded an income payment of 2.29 HIVE - 12.00%
1000 EDS tokens this week yielded an income payment of 2.50 HIVE - 13.08%

Very basic spreadsheet to show HIVE, LEO and leasing incomes and paid out. You can see paid out increase's every week as EDS tokens holders enjoy inflation-beating income payments.
(All numbers or in HIVE)
As you can see, the running profit increases every week, as long as this stays true, my model will not fail. I dont ever seeing me making a negative profit in a week so like I've been saying for 12 weeks, get them while you can!!!

but wait, there's more...

My boss gifted me a free 2000 LEO delegation and I've been curating over there to bring us in a more HIVE. You can see LEO earning jumped massively for the past 2 weeks. There is no end to all the ways we can bring in an extra few HIVE every week.

Buy EDS tokens today

If you plan to be on the HIVE blockchain for a long time, you owe it to yourself to own a few of these as the weekly HIVE income payments will only increase over time. Most people jump in with 1 investment but my advice would be to buy a few every week and build a stack of these tokens because once 20,000 are issued, I might not issue any more as hard capping a token has a lot of advantages to those that are already invested. Priced at only 1.01 HIVE each on hive-engine, dont miss-out. The early bee gets the honey as the old saying goes.

Hive-engine - https://hive-engine.com/?p=market&t=EDS
LeoDex - https://leodex.io/market/EDS



Thank you for the update.

It is great to hear about that 2000 LEO delegation - that should bring in at least 1 LEO per day in curations.

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Every little helps in the beginning. I tried commenting lots as sometimes that can bring in a few LEO but I got bored and felt like I was writing to the same stuff over and over. lol.

We'll soon hit 14-15% at this rate :) and maybe even be paying out 25%+ this time next year and then it'll just compound until we have all the honey. haha

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Gogo Edie! Gonna buy some more EDS once I have some more liquid Hive available ;)


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I just bought very few and because of my lease on Dlease I get around 1 Hive everyday. Hmm seems like I can buy 1 token from you everyday.

Okay this sounds interesting, have to get some hive so I can buy some EDS also then :D

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I have been selling the drips and dividends I earn from other coins and reinvesting it into Eddies, I will continue to do so :D

That's great progress, really good to see and almost 50% sold already!
I'm building on my initial stake, added another 10% already.

15% would be great. Does the Hive inflation rate play any part in this?

I have just 5 hive in my engine and I will do well to use all to buy the token.. This is really enlightening

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Sounds like a cool concept - I just stumbled upon this project now. Are there still EDS tokens available and how do I get my hands on some? 😁

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