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RE: Are Vinyl Records an Investment or an Addiction?

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Such a cool story. Fully understand why you love vinyl's and I agree with you vinyl's have something magic compared to the CD and mp3, streaming services and what not.

I never owned any vinyl, though I come from the pre-CD era. Always used tapes and recorded quite a few of them. Initially only from radio, but when I gotmy first CD player (late 80's), I was fortunate a newly established CD rental service/shop was just around the corner where I lived. No vinyl like analogue stuff. But all the music released on CD was available at that shop to rent for a few bucks a week. And when they didn't had a album I liked to rent, they would purchase it. When I liked something a lot; I would purchase the CD. When I liked something enough, I would copy this to tape. For me this was the most perfect way to discover music. Today am mostly a streaming service listening guy: Spotify, Soundcloud and sometimes MixCloud. That said, I have a few friends having enormous amounts of vinyl! Most to all of them are artists and DJs so it makes much sense they have these vinyls in large quantities :) All of them are now using digital music, though some made the transition late, eg jumping from vinyl to mp3 in one step.

Am pretty sure vinyl will stay. Today the demand is increasing again, especially in the electronic music side of things. The expertise in the vinyl industry (pressing technics, machines etc) is slowly dried empty though. Apparently, the last super-specialist lives in Japan and plans to stop his work. Search for high-quality experts is on. When you came across one, let me know. Seems interesting to startup a vinyl factor these days :)