If you have LEO, you probably should keep an eye on their Discord...

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Bullet-point facts:

  • 0.55m wLEO were printed and dumped.

  • Price down around 50%.

  • Talk of hacking (server or smart contract code).

If you are interested in the subject, go to LeoFinance discord, although for now they are pretty much guessing as well, because they weren't able to contact @khaleelkazi yet to know more from the server side.


printed and then immediately dumped?

From what I read on Discord it seems 30 x around 10k wLEO were printed and then swapped for ETH. But please read the discord, I haven't used Uniswap and may 'misappropriate' some terms.

But the instant printing is the only thing that matters, I guess.

I bought about 300 for a quick flip... hope it works the right way.

Hmm, risky... It depends what happens. By all probabilities the hacker (if there is one) still has access to print more.

Sometimes you have to risk

That's true. :) I hope it turns out well.

Hope that too 😁

thanks, i was looking for the discord link

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You're welcome.

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