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RE: hivelist rises like foam

in #leofinance5 months ago

Dude take care! Thanks for the post while you are down! It’s because of you guys is why we are growing!


Greetings friend, and also to your excellent work I am planning to recruit people who want to publish here we must increase the number of publications and stores that help growth, it would be a matter of agreeing and making a conference that encourages people to work here as stores that are incorporate and accept as payment the hivelist token.

we need more people to want to come and do commerce. We need to attract people that want to sell their items. If they want to build a store, great, but just using the classifieds platform can be enough if people use it the correct way. I suggest start there for free, then if people want to take their business to the next level, that's when we can talk about building a store. But the classifieds part of it is the most important community piece that needs to be the focus.

I am going to be making some tutorial videos on how to properly use the platform in the very near future, just waiting on a new mic setup.