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RE: How is the economical situation in your country?

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How did your country master the pandemic and how much have the local businesses suffered? Do you feel that people are much poorer than before covid spread? Are people hopeful for the future?

I live in Istanbul and the pandemic period was so severe for small businesses. Most of them were shut down for a couple of weeks and only the resturants were delivering your orders until midnight. Due to the decreasing purchasing power as well as the pandemic situation, many people suffered a lot until June. In the end, %10-20 of these local bussinesses no longer deliver services...

Both devaluation of the fiat money and the effects of pandemic ended up sad for people in my country. When I step into the main streets, I can clearly see that nothing is the same as 2 years ago. To be honest, I'm losing my hope for a turning point for the fiat money. We may even test new ATL levels against USD. In terms of people, they are hopeless. The younger generations do not have any life expectations regarless of their ages or sociocultural background. As the politicians fail to take things better, the people are suffering... Hope to see better days without these unskillful policy makers


Thanks a lot for your great comment!

Because my wife's family lives in Istanbul, I'm quite aware of the situation in Turkey. I see a big hopelessness in young generations and I hear from so many places that people are just looking for a way to leave the country and go to live abroad. This makes me really sad. Also the inflation is horrible. About 15 years ago, I helped my father in law to buy a flat and I remember that 1 Swiss franc was around 1 TL at that time. Today 1 Swiss Franc is close to 10 TL!


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