Ctp uphill

in #leofinance2 months ago

Greetings friends, I have been following this ctp token for months and it seems to me that it has everything to continue climbing in terms of its price and I see this token in the middle of the year that is good at $ 0.1 and I think we should invest in this token since in its ctp tag the numbers are not that high means that to win it is not easy and is a factor in favor of increasing.

You are on time, make your investment yaaaaa



yeah I also have bought some CTP all though not a lot of people to post on CTP but I think it may rise above 0.1$ in the near future

Ctp para mi tiene mucho que dar asi qie a comprar ctp para el futuro

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Comparto la opinion de @oswvi01 muy buen token

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