hivelist rises 48% but its pres

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Greetings friends, I was looking at the price of hivelist and I found something strange that I want to explain here.


How do you realize the prices are covered in blue and how can you tell the difference between their purchase and sale prices, they are great, that is, how can I invest when I buy and if I want to sell, their price does not help me to recover my investment, here I explain why know how to buy although their price in dollars has risen they can look at the peaks that are down they are long as shown by the orange arrow, this is the reason why hive-engine protects your money since if they bring the value of sale for you possibly lose when lowering hivelist and that peak shows that the safest thing is that its price falls, always buy in a downward trend, wait for your token to go down as much as possible and obtain profits.



Good to see that LIST is regaining from the last dump. The token is really worth over 0.5 HIVE. Let's keep pushing.

yeah that's why I have staked around 3000 hivelist tokens

man im not selling my hivelist but staking them to earn more reward

im doing the same

yeah, it is rising I have staked 3000 and it's worth around 7.5 $ with a 10 hivelist vote at 100% cool right how many do you have stacked?

well I have staked around 100 or so

you should stake more then

You have to keep the token, now one can predict the lowest dip to buy at lowest dip.

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im buy build toke these days and trying to stake it to 5000 maybe I don't know

man, I miss you daily update when you gonna start that again

I miss them too

let's us hope he continues