hivelist the token that will match hive

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Greetings hive friends, hivelist I have been following it for a few days and what I have noticed is that its price has not been so unstable, instead it has remained a reasonable price despite the few people who have joined the community, And this is what leads us to think about the great value that this token can have at the end of 2021 I think that with all certainty hivelist will be almost rising to 0.8 hive as people are added to this community and that the token has many users who you need it maybe your team can bring this token on par with hive.


It is necessary to attract the attention of new users so that the token has greater demand,

You are in time to invest




yeah I also have some hivelist token and I'm thinking of posting my some content in their community

Aqui eres bienvenido gracias

you know i have to translate your comment so plz reply in English

bro are you gonna do weed token analysis

Tal vez pueda hacerlo

ok then do it

Great dear

yeah that great

Nice, I am also a minor staker in LIST project.

good you should stake more