Proposal to take hivelist to the top is everyone's job

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Greetings friends, today I was remembering my beginnings in steemit where I could meet many new people in conferences at that time with the tag steemchurch where they motivate people to publish Christian things there was my beginning where very little were the earnings but the love of what that one does is greater than the profits.


Although I could not earn much something, I leave teaching where I want to share here and if you like the proposal to make hivelist known to all where hotel chains and stores join here in Venezuela where I am from.

We need more user for decentralization soon

the idea of expanding hive can not only be done here we can all do the work

My proposals!!!

1)Make conferences where they motivate more users to create publications here and distribute brochures where the benefits and hivelist are explained to them.

2)Make hivelist known to hotel chains where they can offer their services.

3)Recruit stores to sell through hivelist where by being a user of it they get discounts.

4)You establish payment mechanisms that incorporate hivelist as the main one to obtain discounts.

5)That stores and hotels offer cheap packages for those who pay with the hivelist token.




As a HE token with low liquidity, it is currently difficult to get accepted as mainstream crypto. But additional discount if you burn X amount of List looks good.

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It is a matter of time to achieve it if we specify that several users can buy the insurance token this will help the


you have a very nice idea and I support @hivelist and its future

It's our grand duty to promote the blockchain projects. It's ours. I try to do that as often as I can. I believe so well in offline promotions as I can easily reach the people around me and convince them.

I do that too and sometimes we have a very heated discussion about hive and blockchain future