sports stays up

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Good morning friends, yesterday despite a slight drop in prices in sports since it cost 0.00005 $ and today in 0.00004 but in my opinion according to how little I know about trader sports it will rise more than the price because it is that the limits in the prices of sale and purchase of hive engine are minimal they are not so distant this means that its price has not been manipulated if not that you can really buy and wait for the price to rise and be able to sell this is for those who do trader and I prefer to continue accumulating I think that has not yet reached its real cost, this token has more to give and his team is working on that.



So win sports by publishing quality content and join the success that awaits us.



It is interesting to see SPORTS rising lately. I wonder if there is some kind of development backing this rise in value, like planning wSPORTS on ETH or making an update for its frontend sportstalksocial. Also a linear curration curve would be a good progress. I am waiting for a post by @patrickulrich (the tribe owner) about the future development of this tribe and some plans for the future.

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im waiting to

Realmente no se de ningun proyecto de wsports y de hecho ayer estube buscando en las compras a ver si encontraba alguna compra grande por la que tal ves pueda justificar ese precio , el hecho es que ha subido asi no se de algun proyecto que justifique este aumento