Today celebrating my birthday I watch how hivelist goes down

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Greetings friends, today on my birthday I see how hivelist lowers its price in dollars up to 28%, the most pleasant and fair thing that I see of this token is that despite the drop its price in hive remains.


As shown by the Japanese candles hivelist has dropped but its price in hive remains the same and it is that we as holders of the token must give it value and not give it away.



Feliz cumpleaños hivelist el mejor token para invertir

Have a nice birthday.

Gracias amigo

happy birthday to you and hope hivelist recover it price

Happy birthday man. I've been away for some days and just resuming. Hopefully, LIST will rise again.

Gracias amigo seguimos trabajando

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Happy Birthday

Your post have been curated by @jizzyjoe, as Hive Celebrates With You on Your Birthday. You can join our curation trail here to celebrate with other hivans on their birthday. To know more please check our Introduction post.

Happy birthday! It's a volatile market and it doesn't take allot of volume to move the price one way or the other. It's still a new project, so if you believe in what we are trying to do, then keep stacking and staking! We have some big things on the horizon! We are building an empire, it's just a marathon not a sprint, lol.