What to do with Tron?

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What with TRX

Since a few weeks, Steemit is distributing rewards in Steem, SBD, SP AND TRX! I know, if you’re new to cryptocurrency it must be incredibly hard to understand, but rewards are distributed in 4 different ways on Steemit.


I know what is going on, but still I have no clue what to do with the TRX I am receiving. Do I HODL? Or do I sell it for Hive or BTC? I must be honest, I have no clue. But I don’t want to be left holding a bag of a shitload of coins worth nothing like what happened to ripple. Bug Tron isn’t ripple, I know, but still it’s not BTC or ETH, either.

So, I am asking your funded opinion? Hold or sell?




I don't think it's the best investment. No one knows what this Justin is up to though)

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Some Chinese crypto will be cracked down after Chinese companies got banned from USA stocks exchange. You can google it. Soon or later trx will show its true face and dump really hard. In my humble opinion, trx is a fake crypto and has a completely fake volume. Cheers

Sell it and get hive while it’s cheap!

I agree with you

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Tnx for the advice