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RE: How is the economical situation in your country?

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I really can't complain. According to EU statistics data, Slovenia is currently enjoying one of the highest economic growth rates in Europe, despite the epidemic. The number of unemployed is lower than before the crisis.

During the epidemic, the state provided a basic income for all those who couldn't work. For companies, the state provided funding for workers who were waiting for work.

Currently, 1/3 of the population is vaccinated.

It is true, however, that the state has become extremely indebted and we can only hope that this will be covered by European funds for the recovery from the epidemic. If these funds are not forthcoming, there are likely to be problems.


Thanks a lot for sharing the situation in your country. I think we can be lucky to be in countries where the state managed to support the people and the businesses. Like that the economy could be kept alive. Of course the dept is there but I believe that this dept will be easier to compensate if there is a working economy rather than a totally broken one.


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