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RE: Eddie Earner Cartoon shorts #4 - Dreams killed by Memes

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I think this one just talked @hetty-rowan OUT of Bee-Vest 🤣


Or IN ... just to save the puppies from being killed, and right now I have no possibilities to go IN ... 😱😱😱

@eddie-earner his boss is very mean.


Hey!!! My boss is very mean. Last week he made me deleting peoples netflix accounts, lol


Ow my gosh, how can you live with him ... LOL

We don't live together, the boss lives in a nice big house with more toilets than my house has rooms.

Mr SP Invest beats me with a stick if I don't do what he says but he's like a father to like. One time, I lost some money and he made me punch myself in the balls for every dollar I lost.

Anyways, off you eat some honey sandwiches before bed :)