Do You Value Your Hive Engine Tokens in HIVE or FIAT?

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Hello @spinvest readers,

@metzli here today, discussing the value of our HIVE Engine tokens.

Is the value of Hive Engine tokens going up or down during this rise in HIVE price?

Answer? It depends.

It really is not as straight forward a question as one might think.

If you are looking to cash your stake into fiat - then it seems like the price of Engine tokens has remained stable.

If you are looking to use your tokens to accumulate HIVE - then it seems like your investment has gone DOWN.

If you are staking tokens for the sake of staking tokens, then it seems like everything is pretty much staying the same.

How can this be?

Let us use LEO as an example.

As a blogger and frequent curator, I am able to earn about 0.627 USD for every LEO that I earn.

Screenshot 2021-02-16 at 12.33.30 AM.png

This amount has been as steady as an ascending token can be. If I was one of the many who uses LEO as a form of income that feeds my family, pays my rent, or buy medications, I would say that the price is great, and everything looks rosy.

For those looking to fatten their Hive Power with the power of LEO, things are looking pretty grim.

Screenshot 2021-02-16 at 12.32.37 AM.png

Because the price of HIVE has shot up, and the price of LEO has remained constant, the ratio of LEO to HIVE is looking dismal.

At the highest point, for every LEO token that one held, they would be able to power up four HIVE.

Today, you can power up about 1.9 HIVE for every LEO you earn.

If your bottom line is in HIVE, and you bought a bunch of LEO tokens yesterday, then you could say that you lost money. Had you waited until today, your LEO buying power would be much greater.

If you are simply HODLing LEO because you are a LEO HODLer then it is business as usual

If you are HODLing because you are waiting for $10 Leo, or because you are waiting for your "project blank" airdrop, or just like the idea of HODLing it, then things are pretty much the same as they were yesterday.

Your LEO upvote is pretty much the same, so your earning power has remained stable, and your blogging rewards will only be affected by

When calculating the value of your assets, you must take into consideration what your personal goal is and what is the most important to you.

What is the end result? Are you cashing out? Are you HODLing? Are you looking to accumulate bitcoin or another asset?

Once you have your goal in mind, then forget about all the other numbers and stick to calculating your winnings in your personal bottom line.

As more money comes into our Blockchain, there will be more bloggers, more suggestions, and more ideas on what to do with your earnings

Remember your plan and stick to it.

So... if you are reading this, and you remember that @metzli is writing this, and you remember that @metzli is using her crypto earnings for her 2040 self, and you remember that @metzli is not to play with her LEO until it can make her monthly student loan payments, then kindly remind her in the comments that her hands are strong as STEEL and that any money she takes out now will be going to kid shoes and that those kid shoes won't fit those kids six months from now anyway.

Or instead you can tell us about what your favorite token to play with is, and what your plan is while things go up and down and all around.


I've read this twice and I'm still confused. Not your fault at all. You've done a great job of writing down the different scenarios but I'm strugging to apply it to mine.

I want to sell DEC/STARBITS for LEO which I intend to power up but since I have to get swap.Hive in the middle where does that leave me?

It seems like I'm getting fewer LEO for my DEC/STARBITS. Is that correct?

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If you are trading LEO for dec/starbits then you consider the starbits:Leo ratio.

The swap.hive doesn't really matter because you are not storing value in swap.hive.

So if it takes 50 starbits to buy 1 LEO (I wish 😂) it doesn't make any difference whether Hive is worth 10c or $1. Is that correct?


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That is correct :)

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You cannot sent token to yourself.

Yep. It was a mistake. But I couldn't see a way to delete the comment. Hence the . 😂

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This is my measurement scale, my unit of accounting.
Sometimes not easy, takes some extra calculations.
But this is the only unit what makes sense to me

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Yes, satoshi's are a good measurement scale.

I would love to see a post in which you show us your math.

I think for the time being I will wait to see how this all plays out, if hive moons I will get more Leo. If Leo moons I will get some more Hive. Either way, we all do well with a rising price in terms of Bitcoin and ETH.

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I noticed that my SPORTS tokens mooned in FIAT but stayed stable against HIVE.

I wrote this post with the full intention of sitting on my hands and seeing how things panned out and then immediately logged onto the engine and traded BEE to HIVE to LEO.

One must be careful, mindless moving of money, can lead to some losses.

LOL. Yes, let the kids go barefoot now, so you can buy them a Tesla when they graduate high school!

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Well... not exactly barefoot. But... how many pairs of shoes does one kid need - especially during a pandemic when they don't go to school or parties (or even the park).

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I see it as I can now buy more Leo with my Hive, and then in the future get more LBI at a cheaper Hive price.

I converted some HBD at the right time at an eleven to one rate for Hive. Today that is down to a three for one rate. I did not have a very large amount of HBD, but it was still a nice rate over what had been a five to one rate for a long time.

LEO seems like it will be around for a long time, they have what seems like a solid plan and a solid user base.

Yes, it is a good time to be buying more LEO with HIVE.

I also see LEO growing with time.

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