Spinvest Growth is Community Based in Spirit, and Structurally Based in Finance Models

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Hello @spinvest readers,

@metzli is very happy to be here writing for you today.

The other day while navigating the LeoFinance site, I came across a comment from a naysayer. They were waiting to see how long it was going to take the LBI Token team to start asking for upvotes.

The language was kind of garbled, and it may have been alluding to something else, but just in case:

Please know that we absolutely LOVE your upvotes, but that they are not our investment strategy.

Upvotes on our articles help a lot. They help our articles be more visible, they help us grow our audience, and of course, they add to our Piggy Bank.

As one of the writers of this blog, I appreciate the upvotes, and the amount of money off a post because it feels good. Getting a hint of how many people are reading my words and liking them enough to upvote is a great incentive.

However, our investment models go BEYOND receiving upvotes.

The original spinvest model cared very little about even posting often. It was all about making money off our staked HIVE (steem) and reinvesting it in different assets.

Back then, we were dealing with nonsense on the blockchain such as flagging wars. There were people who were intent on being watchdogs and judging the validity of the project. It was not a good time to bank on the upvote economy.

Hive today, especially within the tribes, is Disneyland Compared to what STEEM was like back then. We upvote all kinds of articles and even give upvotes on comments.

But we had to learn to grow at a time when that was not the norm.

So thank you for your upvotes and keep them coming but remember, you don't become the HODLer of 1 Bitcoin by soliciting upvotes, it takes so much more than that.

How much more does it take?

Community involvement. Your comments help us propel the project forward, so keep them coming. Give us a re-blog while you're at it, because the more people who see us, the bigger collective growth we have.

Have some awesome ideas you'd like to share with the spinvest community? We have lots of accounts and we would love for you to guest write on them. Message us on Discord: https://discord.gg/JnhY8dRT

Want a topic you want one of our writers to cover? Let us know in the comments.

Have a question about one of our investments? Ask?

Know a great place we should look into investing? Let us know!

Do you see a hole you can fill, or a scaffold you can build? Tell us about it.

Those are the ways we grow exponentially

That and SSUK's leadership and crazy ideas that we keep saying "yes" to.

How can you help @spinvest grow?

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I am of the opinion that , LBI will be super successful because of all the struggle SPI went through .

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I don't care what someone thinks about me upvoting LBI post or SPI post. All my upvotes are because I like the content, or I like the content a person or group makes and want to see them stick around, or I just plain assed wanted to give a vote to someone, thing or idea.

I think most of the people that complain about how and what people vote on do not even take the time to manually vote. I have not seen post asking for votes from the participants of LBI or SPI.

So for the others like me that vote on the post don't be bullied into not voting for content you like no matter who it is from.

It is true, it goes beyond it but upvotes are needed to get the resources to expand.

This is a viable part of the ecosystem and the way that returns are generated.

I remember early on in SPI the rumor that some curation groups were blackballing authors who owned SPI. Something about part of Spinvest's plan was the inflation of Steem. Never really found out how true it was but most rumors have some basis in fact. Skepticism is always good, especially in financial dealings but I think posts like these really help the naysayers become more educated.

I do auto vote both SPI and LBI. I also read almost every post from them. It is always quality content to me and I have no problem giving them a vote. It is also my small way of contributing to the cause of which I am a part. :)

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Good one

I have been watching the @spinvest adventure from the start I think ... I know that the question of votes was asked at the beginning but very quickly the team proved that the content was of quality and that it is this quality which brought the positive votes !!!

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