Kangaroo at Sunset - 1/5oz Gold 2015 Proof Coin

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Today's featured coin is the 2015 Australian Kangaroo at Sunset coin struck by the Royal Australian Mint. This coin is a 1/5oz Gold proof quality coin.

For those of you who read my post two nights ago: Sneak Peak - Coin Reveal, may have already guessed this coin design in the comments of that post, if not, then this is the grand reveal.


This post will focus solely on the 2015 Australian Kangaroo at Sunset 1/5oz Gold proof coin. In this series of posts I will write about special collector coins that I own in my stack or that I would love to own. The contents of each post will follow the same format and cover the five topics listed below:

  1. Coin Story
  2. Coin Packaging
  3. Coin Details
  4. Coin Design
  5. Coin Protection

1. Coin Story

The Kangaroo at Sunset series was first released by the Royal Australian Mint in 2007, each year this same coin design is issued via a ballot only process. An extremely limited amount of 1,000 coins are minted each year.

The designer of the coin is Wojciech Pietranik. This is an award winning design and has resulted in this coin being one of the most widely regarded and sort after coins struck by the Royal Australian Mint. The Kangaroo at Sunset coin design has appeared on both Silver and Gold coins.

source APMEX

At a later date, I will write a post about the Silver Kangaroo at Sunset coins. The image above shows that the coin designs are the same.

The 1/5oz Kangaroo at Sunset coins attract a decent premium on the secondary market, especially the first issue 2007 coin. On ebay.com.au this evening the average price these coins are selling for is just under AUD $900.00, that is almost a 100% premium on the spot price of 6.22g of 24-carat gold, which is currently at AUD $458.42.

2. Coin Packaging

The outer box is black with the illustration of a kangaroo leaping over the words 'Kangaroo at Sunset'. In smaller text near the bottom of the box it reads '2015 $25 GOLD PROOF COIN'.

Each 1/5oz Gold coin comes with an accompanying coin certificate, below is an excerpt from the certificate:

Certificate of Authenticity

The Royal Australian Mint's 2015 Kangaroo at Sunset coin has been captured in 99.99% pure gold. It is struck to the highest quality standard to truly capture Wojciech Pietranik's award winning design.

The 1/5oz Gold proof coin is housed and beautifully presented in a jarrah wooden box. On the lid of the box in gold print is the Australian Coat of Arms with the words 'Australian Government' and 'Royal Australian Mint' in gold text.

The lid of the wooden box slides off to reveal the coin. When closing the wooden box the lid is held in place by two magnets.

3. Coin Details

a. Mintage

The maximum mintage of the 1/5oz Gold 2015 Kangaroo at Sunset proof coin was extremely limited at 1,000 coins. The coin was issued as legal tender under the authority of Australia with a denomination of twenty-five dollars.

b. Purity

The 2015 edition of the Kangaroo at Sunset coin has a purity of .9999 fine gold.

c. Details

Mint/Brand: Royal Australian Mint
Gold Content: 1/5 Troy Ounce
Purity: .9999 Fine Gold
Denomination: $25 (Australian)
Year of Issue: 2015
Edge: Milled
Weight: 6.2207g
Diameter: 21.69mm
Maximum Mintage: 1,000
Designer: Wojciech Pietranik

4. Coin Design

a. Reverse Design

The reverse of the proof coin depicts a typical Australian outback scene of a lone kangaroo under the twilight sky in front of the vibrant setting sun.

The design includes an inscription '1/5oz 9999 Au' and the initials 'WP' of the designer Wojciech Pietranik.

b. Obverse Design

The obverse of the coin portrays the Ian Rank-Broadley effigy of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, the denomination of Australian '25 DOLLARS', the words 'ELIZABETH II' and 'AUSTRALIA', with the year inscription of '2015'.

5. Coin Protection

Each 1/5oz Gold Kangaroo at Sunset coin is stored in an original mint plastic capsule. It is highly recommended that you keep your gold proof coins in their capsules, although gold does not tarnish, handling the coin could result in scratches or marks.

When handling your 1/5oz Gold Kangaroo at Sunset coin, for extra protection use a pair of cotton gloves. Cotton gloves protect your gold coins from oils in your fingers that may cause discoloration, damaging the finish of the coin. I have formed the habit to use cotton gloves even when I am handling gold coins in their plastic capsules.

source APMEX

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I just love the simplicity of the design!

What do you think about the new kangaroo at dawn coin design?

Hi @silversaver888, I recently did a HIVE Power Up for the start of the month. I am contemplating how best to allocate the new funds, whether I just keep it in HP for more upvote power or whether I should delegate. I had a quite browse at the delegations that you have, how are you finding your delegations working?

I am particularly interested in your thoughts on the returns from @qurator, @thealliance and @fambalam... as I have been contemplating these one for a while. Do they provide a passive daily payout or do they take the time to visit an upvote your work?

Any thoughts and advice would be greatly appreciated. If you think any of your other delegations are working even better, let me know.


Hi @strenue!

I delegated 1,328.742 to the alliance, and they give me 40% vote which is about 0.58 cents a day (hmmm... they have not come yet for today) ; I delegated to qurator for 1,555.453 and they give 80% of curation rewards which is about 0.370 to 0.431 a day. Fambalam gives 100%, about 0.16 if you are whitelisted, and I delegated 153 HIVE.
The best really is ssg-community!

Yes we have the best community, full stop!!!! haha!!! By far the shiniest content. 🥇

Quite a simple yet highly recognizable design.
The gold version is rather nice, I think my LCS has one when I last visited.

Thanks for sharing @strenue

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Are really that is awesome @kerrislravenhill, I'd be intrigued to know what price they have it going for.

It was in the case without a price tag which meant he went straight to the Price guide so I was sure unless I asked but I had other objectives to achieve about 18 months ago. Namely a set of One Tael(38g) silver Dragon coins.


Is this coin you are referring to when you say Tael Silver Dragon? If so, then it is super cool. You truly are a pirate treasure hunter.

Check this out.
More up to date coin as part of a set of 4 coins.

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Oooooh lala!!!! very nice indeed.

That is a nice coin. I might have to try and bag me a silver version at the next ballot if they are still making them.

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Hey @scooter77, I just did a quick bit of research to see if I could find anything.


I found the above article about the 1/5oz gold Kangaroo at Sunset, it seems that 2018 was the final year for this design in gold. Not a bad run from 2007 - 2018.

In terms of the silver design, similar story. Its run was from 2010 - 2019.


The Royal Australian Mint have now released a new design called, 'Kangaroo at Dawn' as the replacement to the 'Kangaroo at Sunset' design. It's a nice design, but I don't think it is quite as classic as the 'Kangaroo at Sunset'


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