The Perth Mint Bulletin - Releases for May 2021

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Today I would like to share The Perth Mint Bulletin brochure with you which features the coins that were released on Tuesday, 4 May 2021 at 8:00am. The images in this post have been taken directly from the brochure that is released monthly.


source Perth Mint Bulletin

All the information that is contained in the Bulletin can also be found on the latest release page of the website,

I hope you have been saving your pennies or investing in crypto, because this month's release has some high premium coins on offer. Beautiful designs, but that beauty comes at quite a high cost.


I have separated the contents of this post into to four topics, listed below. Each topic covers a page of the Bulletin and the coins that are featured on that page:

1. James Bond Enthusiasts
2. 35th Anniversary - Australian Kangaroo Nugget
3. Gold Kookaburra and Coloured Koala
4. High Relief Proof and Sovereign

1. James Bond Enthusiasts

Attention all James Bond enthusiasts, the first May release coins that are mentioned in the Bulletin are part of the James Bond Coin Collection.


source Perth Mint Bulletin

I do not know a whole lot about these James Bond Collection coins, but they appear to be part of a 25-Coin Collection set that can be stored and presented in a coin folder.

These coins are 1/2oz Silver Proof Coloured coins. Each silver coin portrays James Bond in a design that has been inspired by one of the official movies in the franchise.

The coin on the left is inspired by the Goldfinger movie, it shows James Bond standing behind Pussy Galore, they are in front of a golden hand.

The coin on the right is inspired by the Thunderball movie, it shows James Bond in a desperate underwater fight with a knife-wielding scuba diver.


source Perth Mint Bulletin

2. 35th Anniversary - Australian Kangaroo Nugget

Happy 35th Anniversary to the Australian Kangaroo Nugget coin! The Australian Nugget made its debut 1986 as a proof coin, and in 1987 it was first release as a bullion coin.

When the Australian Nugget series started, it portrayed historic Australian natural gold nuggets. The original nugget designs were simple and authentic, they are still some of my favourite gold coin designs.


source Perth Mint Bulletin

Each of the early coins were designed by renowned designer Stuart Devlin. Those of you who have followed my 1oz Silver Kookaburra series will recognise Stuart Devlin's name, as he was the same designer of the iconic 1990 Australian Kookaburra coin design.

Stuart also went on to design the red kangaroo that eventually replaced the nugget designs. The gold coin series later changed its name to the Australian Kangaroo. This is why it is often confusing when people refer to the Perth Mint Gold Nugget coins, but they are talking about a coin that has a Kangaroo as the coin design.


source Perth Mint Bulletin

Fortunately the 35th Anniversary coin celebrates both the original Australian Gold Nugget design and the current Australian Kangaroo design. The coin comes in four sizes, the smallest being a 1/4oz Gold coin and the largest being a 5oz Gold coin. The other sizes are a 1oz and a 2oz Gold coin.

3. Gold Kookaburra and Coloured Koala

Next up we have the Gold Kookaburra coin making a re-appearance, this time in a 5oz Gold coin instead of the much smaller 1/10oz size that it debuted as. Alongside the kookaburra is its furry friend the 1oz Silver Coloured Koala coin. This specific koala coin is a special release from the 2021 ANDA Brisbane Money Expo.


source Perth Mint Bulletin

The 2021 5oz Australian Kookaburra is Gold Proof High Relief coin that is presented in a beautiful wooden box. This coin would be absolutely amazing up close to hold and admire the high relief, deep etched design. It would have to be amazing though with a hefty price tag of AU $19,995.00 for five ounces of gold. The Australian legal tender denomination of this coin is AU $500.


source Perth Mint Bulletin

The 2021 1oz Australian Koala is Silver Coloured coin that is presented in a sleek black box with clear perspex lid. This coin portrays a cute koala positioned in the forked branches of a eucalyptus tree, fast asleep. It's price tag is a bit more palatable AU $90.00, but that is still a high price to pay for one ounce of silver. The Australian legal tender denomination of this coin is AU $1.


source Perth Mint Bulletin

4. High Relief Proof and Sovereign

The final page of the Bulletin features five different coins. Four of the coins are 1oz Silver High Relief Proof coins which are not new releases and the fifth coin is a new release Gold Proof High Relief Piedfort Sovereign coin.


source Perth Mint Bulletin

The four 1oz Silver High Relief Proof coins each feature a different native Australian animal, listed below:

  1. Australian Koala - 2018 1oz Silver Proof High Relief coin.
  2. Australian Wedge-tailed Eagle - 2020 1oz Silver Proof High Relief coin.
  3. Australian Kookaburra - 2020 1oz Silver Proof High Relief coin.
  4. Australian Kangaroo - 2019 1oz Silver Proof High Relief coin.

The Australian Sovereign Gold coin has been struck on an unusually thick planchet, which is inspired by the medieval French piedfort concept. Piedfort coins are not normally circulated, they are normally struck for the purpose of presentation by the mint or for collectors, as is the case with this coin.


source Perth Mint Bulletin


As you can see there are some stunning new coins that were release on 4 May 2021 by The Perth Mint. They all however come with a premium, so if you are a collector and following a series then jump in and purchase the coin design series you are collecting. If you are a stacker and just after low premium silver and gold ounces, then enjoy this post, but these coins are probably not what you are after.

If you are a crypto investor that has Binance, Ethereum or Doge coins, well then you can buy pretty much whatever you like as the positive runs that those coins have had recently should give you all sorts of options. 😜

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