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RE: SPinvest's worst performing asset by far goes to.........

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We hold 4000 Bro worth 16k HIVE but how long would it take to sell all 4000 tokens at 4 HIVE each? could you even sell that many for 4 HIVE each? Are they really worth 16k HIVE if we can't sell them for that price? When we have 1 BTC worth $10k, we get $10k for that in 1 transaction within seconds as there's tens of millions worth of liquidity for Bitcoin. Paper value and real value are different things when SPinvest says each SPI token is worth 40 cents, SPinvest can buy back every token in circulation for 40 cents because SPinvest is invested into high liquidity investments that offer quick painless exits. HIVE offers us the chance to exit large amounts quickly through exchanges but the 13-week power down kills any hope of taking advantage of price increases making it a bad investment token. Not shitting on it are moaning, just pointing out facts. If it takes 13 weeks to cash out, it's not a good investment token.

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As a former and big-time SPI hodler, I must unequivocally state, that the Club's Modus Operandi has evolved, but the direction has been consistent. I for one can attest that it not only WORKS, but it made me a LOT of MONEY. I have ran thru the entire gauntlet from A to Z, and then some. A little good luck after I cashed the SPI helped, but SPI was the central piece of making HIVE Great Again for me!

Your assessment of HIVE as a Utility Platform is SPOT ON!
We have too many 'witnesses' cashing out for living expenses,
and it's not quite big enough to sustain that and have a high coin price.

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