About time

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After 2 days off being unlucky finally got one to come in.
Was down £300 over past 2 days with some incredibly unlucky outcomes.
Missed a basketball ball by 2 points to win £400 and got 5/6 for £600.
So glad this one one come in.
Denver were down 16 points with there exit on the line.
They pulled within 9 points down and seemed to get a second wind and some belief.
They managed to pull it back and win with some to spare


congratulations dear.

I knew you could do it!
hell yeah!

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That sucks that's why I quit betting

Yeah I quit for 10 mins after every losing bet too lol
Would have been over 1k up if them two had come in.
Thats why I play outsiders.
I need one in 3/4 to come in to stay in profit obviously way more riskier but...

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Loose or Win just keep betting :) How to balance, tricky, isn't it?

Yeah for sure
When you lose you want to win back
When you win you want to win more