Bad Start Good End

in #leofinance2 months ago

Started off with back to back losing bets.
Once your on the back foot hard to place bets openly



La Clippers were down 20+ points.
They did manage to pull back into single figures but Nuggets just didnt let up and had more fight in them.
Ireland were a goal down at home and was hoping for some fighting Irish Spirit which never came

Rogers is playing in her home major was not the favourite but managed to claim the first set
She lost the second but managed to take it to a tie break and come good


Milwauke were 3-0 down and trying to avoid a sweep by the impressive Heat.
They started off well with there Mvp scoring at will but he got injured in the second quarter and didnt return.
This spurred on the rest of the team and they managed to claim a win in overtime


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Is betting your full time job? main source of income?

Looks like it eh lol
No got a job but not very demanding so have a lot of spare time so pretty much out of bordom I bet.
Also I love sport so make its a bit more interesting for me.
Currently winnings I'm investing especially with drop in prices so can retire some time in the near future fingers crossed

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