Decision Time😤

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After a bad day of bets finally have a close one 5/6 in 2100 hive difference.



So decision is take the £379?
Hold out for possible £653?

If I was up I would leave it on for sure but currently around £250 down after some failed bets.
The first 3 on this bet came in no problem.
France were losing and not looking very good and won.
Zverev was down a set to a guy he had a losing 3-1 head to head but managed to comeback and win.
So looks good.
Final game starts in 2 hours so decision time on what to do.
All suggestions welcome 👍


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Cash out

Should have lol
Guy was 2-1 down won the 4th set 6-0
Bottled it in the fifth gutted lol

aqui mi visita,saludos desde venezuela