Deja Vu

in #leofinance2 months ago

Same teams same situation same outcome
This was 2 days ago

Denver were down by 16 points again with there season on the line and yep they managed to make another comeback and take the series to a game 7 decider.
£1000 in 2 days cheers Denver 👍


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They are playing the decider tommorow what's the chance it happens again?
I am going clippers to win game 7 past two games denver had nothing to play for as they felt they were already out now pressure is on coz they have a legit chance of qualifying nerves will kick in.
Hope denver win but doubt it

I like the bet, but my Heart is win Denver.

cheers, Denver and to you as well on Winning. Happy for You. Best Regards

Wow more money but you probably lost a lot too

Yeah had a bad one today.
Taylor Fritz let me down for £500 ranked 48 vs some random Italian ranked 700 lol