The Steemleo Weekly Writing Contest Week #2! | Earn Upvotes From @leo.voter (720k+ Steem Power)

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Last Week's Winners:

There were some great submissions for last week's contest and it was hard to choose the winners. After having the curators vote up their favorite posts, I went through and read each one to confirm the winners. Congratulations to the top 3 and thanks to everyone who participated.

#1 @culgin submitted: "What is the use of cryptocurrencies?" You've earned 100 LEO Power and will receive a 100% upvote (roughly ~$9) from @leo.voter on a future post.

I really enjoyed the deep level of commentary in this post. @culgin went above and beyond in answering the writing prompt and also included a macro analysis of cryptocurrencies and where the industry is at in terms of adoption as a payment method. I highly recommend reading this post and think it will stand the test of time in terms of an evergreen piece of content.

#2 @gniksivart submitted: "How I Use Crypto" You've earned 75 LEO Power and will receive a 75% upvote from @leo.voter on a future post.

@gniksivart gives a great review of their usage of cryptocurrencies over the past few years. It's really interesting to get the perspective of someone who has not bought much into cryptocurrencies, but rather uses various means and perseverance to earn cryptocurrencies through faucets on the internet. Things like blogging/engaging on the Steem blockchain or using the Brave browser.

#3 @felander submitted "How do I use my Crypto?" You've earned 50 LEO Power and will receive a 50% upvote from @leo.voter on a future post.

Keeping the previous story in mind, it's very interesting to compare these two opposite perspectives. @felander talks from the point of view of someone who is invested in cryptocurrencies and views them as assets with a long-term potential return. One thing that really stood out to me was the ending of his post where he mentions that even if crypto went to 0, he'd be richer in knowledge. In my opinion, this is the attitude of a great investor. You win or you win.

This Week's Contest Details:

The New Writing Prompt For This Week: "What Are Your Predictions for Crypto in 2020?"

It’s as open ended as you want it to be. In case you’re stuck, here are a few (optional) talking points that you could consider:

  • Do you see 2020 filled with positive price action or negative?
  • Do you think fundamental developments will continue to thrive in 2020?
  • What are your opinions on the upcoming BTC halving?
  • Where do you see STEEM headed in 2020? Will the launch of SMTs/Communities be the game-changer many of us are waiting for?


  1. Minimum of 300 words
  2. Must be Posted From Our Interface:
  3. Deadline for Submissions Exactly 7 days from when this post is published (post payout date/time). Winners will be chosen shortly after.
  4. Tag your post with #leowritingcontest so we can find it!
  5. (optional) share the link to your post on Twitter and earn a bonus upvote from @steem.leo

Note on Upvotes: We'll be curating each and every admissible post submitted for the writing contest with @leo.voter in addition to the normal prize pool.

Prize Pool:

First Place --> 100 LEO Power + 1x 100% upvote from @leo.voter on a future post
Second Place --> 75 LEO Power + 1x 75% upvote from @leo.voter on a future post
Third Place --> 50 LEO Power + 1x 50% upvote from @leo.voter on a future post


*How are the winners chosen? --> Posts are nominated by the curators in our discord channel. Nominations are tallied and the final winners are given a final round of curation and then selected.

*Can you win multiple contests back-to-back? --> yes, winners are chosen based on the quality of their submission. If you submitted a winning post last week and submit another amazing post that beats out all the competition this week, then you deserve the W.

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What if I made a video instead?

A video submission is eligible as well @nonsowrites :)

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Thank you for selecting my work as the top entry. I'm happy the team think it's a good read 😁

Will certainly take part in this new contest as well!

Of course! Your entry was awesome and very informative about the markets as a whole. I really enjoyed it.

Can’t wait to see what you cook up for this week’s contest!

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thanks for choosing my post as nr 3. That is part of why I like crypto. The communities and feeling for helping each other out and I am going to use this crypto to stake it and earn some more...

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Man @culgin made an excellent post. Definitely deserved to be the clear winner of this contest.

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Just in time finally had a few hours to get this post created! Good luck to all those who participate in this week's contest!

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This sounded like a fun writing project.

Posted it :

Twittered it :

Boo YA! :D

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I want to check if this current contest is open and I can participate? I am using steemleo platform for the first time for posting and I liked it. I would love to participate in the contest. Thanks.

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