CO2 Compensation Coin (COCO) stays on Steem-Engine

in #life5 months ago

COCO stays on Steem-Engine and can be traded against STEEM(P) as before.

To use HIVE to buy COCO you need to execute two additional steps:

  1. Transfer HIVE to account @steem-tokens with the memo: HIVEP your_username (your username without the ’@’).
    You will receive an equal amount HIVEP in your wallet on steem-engine.
  2. Trade your HIVEP against STEEMP.

Then you are ready to trade COCO against your STEEMP.

Thank you all for supporting CO2Fund


Corona had a big impact on CO2 decrease, a bigger than anyone could have imagined.

Yes, that's true. But probably it won't last very long. Some studies say it will be even worse after Corona. So (unfortunately) our CO2 emissions it will continue to be a severe problem.