Fridays for COCO - Value Post (CW14/2020)

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Current number of COCO transferred to co2fund: 60,913.16092 COCO

This equals currently 73.00 USD




List of Activists

who have transferred COCO to @co2fund to compensate CO2



Delegators who support @co2fund

Used to upvote activists you see above equitable.

@co2admin≥ 7
@ecoinstant≥ 50
@retinox≥ 100


Stake Based Income dedicated @co2fund

Steem SBI
@ecoinstant50 shares


COCO is covered(1) by the account value of @co2admin and @co2fund

US$ on Steem(2)US$ on Hive(3)US$ on SE(4)

(1) see CO2Fund's White Paper
(2) Source: and
(3) Source: and
(4) Source:; Value of COCO excluded
(5) Value of staked tokens not available

Upvotes @co2fund receives for this post will increase the coverage of the CO2 Compensation Coin (Symbol: COCO)

⇒ more HODL of COCO
⇒ a higher value of COCO
every upvote supports CO2 compensation projects too 👍🏼

Thank you all for supporting our CO2Fund

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All in order to convince: FAQ and the Concept in a Nutshell

Further information

CO2Fund is a project by @retinox