Not everything is bad in the pandemic

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Not everything is bad in the pandemic,
I recently bought a swimming pool I thought that if I couldn't leave the house for the beach at least I had something to take a dip in. After some research I found on the website of a large surface in Portugal called dechatlon one for sale for about 500 dollars of the measure I belonged to. .
For a moment I thought about not buying because it's really a lot of money but my girlfriend there convinced me
(women !!! they always get everything they want)

Captura de ecrã 2021-04-07, às 21.13.02.png

Well the pool is 400x200x100 it is not very deep but it is long and you can throw me into it without hurting me

everything seemed fine until she arrived, instead of being able to mount it in the place I wanted, there were some tabs that took me out of the house so the solution was to cut out a little of my father's yard
(he almost killed me, but then he helped me there)

it all started by removing the plants from the garden


right after the garden was removed, the land was glazed and the grating was removed, a strap was made to hold the soil

well and here she is



and well at last it was just filling up and waiting for a summer that is coming soon
I hope you like it, see you soon


This pool looks like it worth 500$ though.

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