Guidance - HOW TO MOVE.


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If you are good mountain trekkers then it is very important you should have a good trekking precision which will benifited you in long distance travel and conditions. With more practice, you will be able to cover longer distances without enduring much fatigue, as well as helping those moving slower than you to progress.



A basic rule when moving is to leave the slowest moving in front , either because they have health problems or are elderly. This way they will set the pace of the group and you will not have to wait for them or go back if you have to help someone.

If you are in the mountains, it often happens that a thick fog falls , which hinders your movement a lot.
In this situation first the experience guide should lead you all so that you cannot fall into dangerous situation and men loss. ​If the visibility is almost zero, it is good to wait for the fog to rise, sometimes during a full moon or a strong moon, the conductivity is like during the day and does not prevent a transition at that time.

A rope is additionally utilized for risky plummets on steep areas , then, at that point there should be an aide both in front to lead the gathering and in the back to assist with an issue and give greater solidness toward the rear of the gathering.

When walking on uneven terrain and sections. The center of gravity should be as perpendicular as possible to the plumb line, thus creating a lower point of gravity and giving more stability to the moving person.

If the transition is organized and not a survival process, experienced leaders must eliminate and eliminate all participants who are not suitable for the particular transition and may endanger the lives of others.

This is the most used mountain climbing techniques that you can used and apply in your life.




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