Shelter for survival - Drainage and ventilation


Dear Hive

One of the key moments in survival is the creation of shelter. It can be life-saving during the cold and wet nights that can catch up with you.



You need a place to hide yourself from dangerous animals which can hurt you and killing you.

However, whether the shelter is natural or adapted by you, you need to remember a few basic techniques that will help you make your stay more comfortable.if you get a cave then it's good for you but be sure to check if their is another Animal hiding that can kill you or eat you.

If the shelter is below ground level, dig a trough around it that will act as a natural drain and take the water away from you. This way you will not have to sleep on wet ground, which in turn protects you from colds, which can be a big problem in a survival situation.

Do not underestimate the fresh air and always allow the shelter to be well ventilated. If you decide to light a fire inside or near the shelter, check if the smoke can escape easily, otherwise the risks to your health are high.

In cold weather or survival in the mountains, keep in mind that the cold air goes down. It is good to dig a hole next to your makeshift bed so that the cold can go down in it and make you more comfortable.

Remember that in a survival situation, shelter can be any rock, fallen tree or even the hollow of an animal! Shelter is not always a place where you can enter, it is a place where you can hide from the elements.

Make a good shelter on the clif or higher height place so that it can be saving you from forests danger. And you can go back home in one peice.




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