Fishing Thoughts (Not Really) :)

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Yesterday I was all pumped up about going fishing today, and that's probably the best feeling of all the "fishing event"... Planing to go, preparing the rods, the hooks, bait, etc... And then, everything is fine, I came to the lake, the weather was ideal, there was no wind (which is very rare in the mountains... before today I thought that it's 365/7 windy there), the spot which I have found was perfect!

As you can see from the photo, the water was like a mirror... Precious...

And I was the only person who was fishing at the lake... all day...

And the hours were passing, and I didn't have any luck... But I've made these great photos...

Long story, short... I didn't catch anything... Sitting 6 hours at one place, starring into 2 fishing rods... Sounds interesting... :) lol

Anyways, I don't know what would be the moral of this story... Please help me to find the meaning of all this... :)

Focus on the journey, not the destination. Joy is found not in fi(ni)shing an activity but in doing it.

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Well, you got the great view, perfect weather, some time to enjoy nature and the outdoors, I'd say it was a perfect day! ^_^ Plus, you got to share about it here! :)) Enjoy the upcoming weekend!

I would say... "almost" a perfect day... (missing fish) Just joking... Actually, I wanted to provoke others to comment and stay positive...

I totally agree with you about nature and the outdoors... I'm all of that... If I could, I would live in a tent for a whole year... :)

Wow, beautiful scenery for your fishing trip. I love to fish too. Don’t always catch anything, but traveling and the landscapes around the rivers and lakes make the trip worthwhile. It’s a calming effect to be near the water.

  ·  8 months ago (edited)

That's the point of fishing... Enjoying nature, and if you catch something, that's a bonus :)
And I'm also a "water" guy... Can't imagine my life without living near the water... I have lived 32 years by the river Danube, and the last 8 years on the seaside..

Every time you can be in a natural setting, doing what you love to do, without distraction, that recharges your soul Zoltan, and refocusses your energy. The moral of your story: go fish where they are hungriest!

You are right, Ian... Nature really recharges the soul and body...

And about the moral... The problem is that the winter is coming and I'm fishing the wrong type of fish... lool... Carps are going to winter hibernation (if it is called like that in the fish world :) )... So, it would be like this until the April-May... and I know that from the experience... but, either way... I will go to fishing until that... trying to surprise them... :)

Thanks for the comment!

Thanks for the heads-up Zoltan. I don't like using hooks and line any more. I much prefer hands and feet. That way, I get a good look at what the fish is and I can decide to take or leave. If you can't get to the fish, try gently stirring up the bottom near where you are standing and let the fish come to you. The small fish will bring the big fish in close, so be patient and be still like a heron. Watch carefully how the local birds get their fish, and mirror them. That's how I learnt this technique.

That is some Master Yoda fishing... I can't do that.. :) And the water is really cold as winter is coming... :)

But, it sounds like fun... Probably in summer in the sea.. ;)

Yeah, salt water doesn't get as cold as fresh. If you see a school of fish near the shore, toss a rock on the seaward side of them. Sometimes, that'll scare them into flee mode - a natural response as if a predator is nearby - and drive them up on to the shore. Works a treat for John Dory and herring.