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In a nutshell, it is really easy as that... If you want to find something, you have to search for it... If you want to win a lottery, you have to buy a ticket... With Internet availability in every home, there is no excuse for doing nothing... If you want to earn something, you have plenty of options... But all of them require action and work!

I was today commenting on @bradleyarrow post about bad luck, or just a feeling of getting in something in a bad moment, and I have personally the same feeling sometimes... But, when I look at some of my "bad luck" moments from a distance, then I can see the whole picture much better... And it looks to me that it was a perfect moment to learn something and get the necessary experience for future work...


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I have already found what I was searching for, but I didn't know that! The truth is sometimes painful... And the truth is that I was looking at things just a little bit far from my own nose... I was doing things thinking in the short term...

I was thinking that 2-3 months is long-term for today's fast world living... But, it is not like that... And that was my main reason of failure! Because I have put long term plans in a very short time period, and when they didn't work-out I would quit!

Why am I talking about this right now? Well, I see a lot of people waiting in a queue... Waiting for something to happen... Waiting, tapping in one place, doing nothing... Waiting for a bigger STEEM price... Waiting for SMTs to come... Waiting for a 100% ROI... and whining how there are no possibilities to earn something at the moment...

On the other side, I see a few Steemians that are creating content every day and commenting on other valuable posts... Writing about the importance of building your positions NOW, at this moment, for the time when everything starts to move in a rocket speed... not tomorrow... not when we already going in the speed of light...

Spreading a word about the blockchain opportunities on other platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram... How much money did you earn on those platforms? And... Knowing that you have earned ZERO, did you stop posting there? :)

Do you like to play games? We have awesome Splinterlands game on the STEEM and that game doesn't depend on the price of STEEM or BTC. You can earn by playing the game, by renting the cards in the game to others, by trading with cards... People are doing that, it's not the discovery of the hot water...

Do you like photography? Do you like homemade things? Do you like to write stories? There are literally dozen of contests, giveaways on the Steem DAILY... You just have to scratch the surface and you will find them... A lot of rewards are available out there...

There were much harder times for online businesses in the past... When people like @russellstockley were creating programs where you were earning just a 2-3 pennies daily, but it was profitable if you were doing it right... If you were taking an action... Check his post about his first steps in affiliate marketing.

You are in the right place! Take ACTION. NOW!


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Man, I said it once and I'll say it again. If I had known Steem before I would of invested all the money I had in it and not be fooling around with other lame ass cryptos. This is where it's at, not because of high ROI or greedy foresight, but because its fun, social, educational and has a great community. And by the way it has a high ROI, in one week I'm about 50% of my investment.

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I sold most of my shitcoins over the last year to increase my steem. For me it has the best possibility for mass adoption. A crypto with a use and purpose that normal people can use.

So true... I have heard for a lot of stupid shitcoins and invested in them, but unfortunately, I didn't saw STEEM back in days... Now, I will not make the same mistake as earlier... Now, I'm sticking to the plan and as you say... it's fun, social and you can find a lot of interesting people with awesome ideas and thoughts... And you can learn a lot from them...
And I'm very grateful for finding this place!

Thanks for your comment!

So am I!

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Awesome blog Zoltan, and I love the ending re taking action. I agree totally, now is the time to be getting into good habits, to create and curate and invest time and effort into Steem and the associated apps.

As I venture out further from the CTPtalk tribe, I'm finding new places to explore and invest my time in. I've yet to journey through the gaming apps; soon, Zoltan, soon. I need to allocate more time for Steem.

Over the years, I've ended up joining sites that do not deliver. Steem delivers, big-time for me.

Thank you so much for your kind words, Ian... And, Steem can be a time consuming a lot... :) But, I found it better than be glued to the TV screen watching politics, talk-shows and other s**t.. :)

Have a great weekend!

Really great advice @ph1102, if we build on the low we are in the position to ride the wave once it takes off, no gaurantees though, but if we do nothing we will have a much harder time trying to catch up later on, and if we like what we do what do we have to lose anyways, it's awesome.

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Your last words are the most important...

if we like what we do what do we have to lose anyways

There is nothing more to add.

Thanks for the upvote and the mention!

Thanks @ph1102, yeah that does sum it up nicely, keep up your awesome work.

Yess! Instead of just staring at a screen, go for what you want... YOU are the main ingredient in success! Go with all of your gusto!

Great post, thank you for the motivation to keep going.

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That's right! Do what you want to do! Write/record about your passion, about your interests...
Thanks for the comment!

Love it, love it, love it. Just what I needed. Thanks.


hahahaha... I knew it... Thank you for your kind words!

Love your brief but straight to the point title! ^_^

Thank you so much! The titles are the hardest to pick.. :)

I've been here for a while now but this has been the best time to grow your account and following. When we have 10x growth it will be harder to earn steem and harder to stand out so this has been a great time for those looking to the future especially if you can buy a bit too.

Oh, yes... You are 100% right about that! And not just that, at this moment, you have the most stubborn and persistent people active... Making them as your followers is pure gold... These people will make a difference when we start to grow exponentially...

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