A Lover's Expectation 2020

in #lovelast year

As we all make expectations for the year 2020 what do you expect from a lover. A study was conducted to study what women and men wanted, and at the end, it was observed that men and women love similar things.


Both men and women feel physical appearance is more important to the opposite sex more than it is in reality. Men think woman want good looking and physically fit guys whiles women think men want slender women with nice boobs and butts.

When it comes to affection, both men and women want more emotional signs than physical and sexual or physical signs. However, women tend to think that all men want is sex or anything sexual.

Both men and women believe their partners want honesty from them more than what they would expect from a partner. Women underestimate mens need for openness and honesty in communication.

Men and women would love intelligent and challenging interactions and discussions but they both think neither party really wants that. So they often talk about basic stuffs they think might be interesting to the other party.

Women and men expect their partners to be fun and lively. They want to have fun with their partners and expect a humorous relationship. They both want their partners to show an enthusiasm for the relationship.

Everyone has expectations and our expectations often influences how we interpret the actions of a loved one. It is best to let your expectations be known, or else you will only see what you expect.


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