May 22nd - Luke Is Still Alive And Travelling

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Luke jumped up at sunrise and went straight to the party bus rental in Bluebarrow. As soon as they opened, he rented a bus and headed toward Westacre. He went through the Gauntlet and to the library in Westacreteguantlet.png

I don't know what Luke read or saw but he was only in the library 5 minutes. Back to the bus and he headed toward Foxview or Edgecastle. I hope it is Edgecastle because I don't go to Foxview with the bad cool people. Good he just passed the exit for Foxview. Edgecastle it is. Luke usually goes to Edgecastle fortestarpower.png

But it is daytime. Now I understand. He was picking up a bunch of the cool people. With the bus loaded, Luke headed for Springfalcon where the rest of the tecoolcat.png

were partying. The bus was rocking with all the partying going on. They just kept driving around Springfalcon picking up more and moretecoolcat.png

until the bus was so packed, the partying was hard. Suddenly, Luke makes a right turn and heads for Greencrystal. They must be having a craving for caffine and be headed fortecupoftraffic.png

Looks like they are all settling down with their coffee. I expected the opposite. OK, fairly easy day following Luke. Didn't cover a lot of miles.

Until Tommorrow,

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Well done completing the Scavanger Hunt Bob, and nice journey with him, enjoy your coffee.