A MUST do exercise - yes you CAN do it

in #lumosity2 years ago

Everywhere we look, there are people exercising.
There are gyms for it.
There are hundreds of infomercials selling tons of products.
There are machines, equipment and classes.
BUT, all these are for the body.

What about your brain?
What kind of training does your brain get?
We want it to work fast, and for along time,
but what do we do for it?
Do you train you brain?

Lumosity to the rescue

Lumosity now has the world's largest and fastest growing database on human cognition—which currently includes over 40,000,000 research subjects and over 780,000,000 cognitive gameplays. Our scientists mine this data to uncover insights that help them improve the efficacy of the Lumosity cognitive training program.

Lumosity is a series of games to be done daily. They are designed and customized to help in the specific areas in which you need help. There is a simple test at the beginning to uncover your weaknesses and show your strengths.

Completed daily, your scores will rise and your results are tracked and charted.
Over a period of 30 days, you will notice a definite improvement in your scores and abilities.
There are some really neat and challenging games.

My own memory has improved and my observation abilities have definitely increased over the last two months. I will continue to exercise my brain with the anticipation to have improved brain awareness at a ripe old age.
I encourage everyone, and I mean everyone to exercise your brain.


As Spoke would say "Live Long and Prosper"