A drive and walk along the coast near Betlem, Mallorca

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Last weekend I took a drive north to the east coast of Alcudia bay and to a town called Betlem. A friend and her dog were to meet me there and although I felt a touch hungover from Friday's fun, I really wanted to get out in the car and earn some more practice points.


The drive was around 30km and took about half an hour, although I wasn't counting or in any rush. Every road here is a new one at present, and if you head to the quieter parts of the Island it's likely their will be narrow parts, winding hill climbs, jagged rocks on one side with a cliff on the other, or all of the above at once.

I've quickly realised that driving in towns and cities is, for the most part, easier than making your own way on roads you don't know, as described above. Following the car in front or spending much of your time at traffic lights seems much more straightforward, although probably more frustrating as years go by and handling a car becomes second nature.

At present, I wouldn't say I'm enjoying driving and don't really understand people telling me they 'love' to do so. Perhaps when I've done a few thousand more kilometers, and I don't need silence so I can hear the engine, this may change.


What I do have for the car is a decent phone holder, and without Google maps chirping out instructions I would be totally fucked. Overall, the app did a great job and the only close shave was a 'bear right' from a dual carriage way that quickly turned into a Give Way sign - too quickly for me to stop, but there was nothing to give way too, lucky.


I parked outside Restaurant Casablanca, which is the building in the image above. To the left of me, and viewable from the seating area outside the Casablanca, is Cala Na Clara - images below.





On leaving the town of Betlem, heading towards Playa des Calo, an signing informing you that there will be no getting your tackle out, whatever size it is, and no trophy presentations.


Hills on one side...


Water on the other...


Around half way, the hidden Cala d'es Torrent from between the trees. The beach was occupied, I could see legs poking out from the rocks. At present though it is so easy to take a bunch of photos without anyone else in the frame!


Destination reached, and I forgot to take a photo of the beach. This looked to be a dock, although perhaps not used to much these days. The sea was lapping up against the right side and has eroded the section which meets the land.


All in all, a decent afternoon. My hangover subsided and the car and I made it home in one piece.




and the only close shave was a 'bear right'

Not for another year please.

Isn't Bedlam a mental hospital in London? Any relation? :D

I showed my wife the pictures and said, "how about Mallorca?" and she didn't say no.

:D We are straightening up for the fastest part of the course here!

Isn't Bedlam a mental hospital in London?

Yep, Bedlam, Bethlem, Bethlehem hospital - closed now I think!

Stop causing bedlam, my mum used to say.

Mallorca is a decent spot - pitstop in Portugal first though? :)

Stonkimg pics..I never thought about that when you got the car, all those winding roads and stuff, that would be nerve wracking!!!

I am the same with driving. Never get those people who say things like, oh we just went for a drive. I am like, eh, go from a to b. That's it. Fuck doing it for pleasure!

Yeah it is, especially considering I've scraped the shit out of a hire car on them in the past :D

Deffo! A to chuffing B, teleport me and fuck the scenery on the way!

At least it is your car to scrape and be damned!!

The scenery, its always shot when you are the driver and people are like, oh look at that and you are like, I can hardly take my eyes off the fucking road!! LOL

Yep, only me to blame :)

Scenery? we will become a part of the scenery in a minute!

Pretty soon you will find more excuses to get out and drive, after a few months it will become second nature to you, and you will be able to reach those off the beaten track spots a lot easier. If I were a betting man I would say you first car accessory will be a bike rack.

I hope so. And yes, I'd love a bike rack although I think the hatchback has enough room for the bike (perhaps without the front wheel on) with the seats down. I should try that soon :)

Can I tell you, that if you look at 'only' google map (voice) or any GPS (voice), you loose the sense of direction?

I typically like to study the map, digital (or paper, yes they exists) ahead of time and understand the basic routing inside my head... and then drive.

Sorry, old school geologist here... what can I say.

But I never got lost yet, not in any continent, no yet. But I am sure that can happen :)

Oh! Stunning pictures!!


Really?! How amazing!!

I take your point :) The map was observed prior to departure and I have cycled some to a couple of the towns on-route, although not on the same roads.

I spotted SEOcheck yesterday, seems like a nice addition!

I look at the map, go towards my goal and if I am wrong, GPS or Google will correct me. I learn my way around faster and that is saying a lot for the Washington, DC area. I used the GPS only in Texas and never knew where the heck I really was.

I am so jealous!! Beam me over!

I remember driving the whole island in a day years ago, is that fancy hotel still there? The one all the super stars go too.

Yikes, I wouldn't know about any superstar hotel! :D

Looks like a nice drive. I'm the same way when I drive in that I always need a gps to tell me where to go, but Its funny that you find it easier to drive through cities. Driving in towns and cities is my nightmare. So many small streets that have all sorts of unseen intersections and the crazy right of ways - I always find them challenging. I prefer to driving outside the city personally.

It's just that generally you are following the car in front. They are the speed and positioning guide, unless it's a hire car or a taxi :D

I see what you're saying. I guess both ways have their pros and cons

Look like a fun long drive and one day vacation on the beach. Pictures look pretty good.

Yeah, I never get better than 'pretty good' and so I'll take that :)

😂 I never been to any other countries, hills in the pictures look pretty much like the one in GTA 5 los Santos

You need to steal a private jet and make your way to other lands :D

😏 they would put me in the jail before I steal one.

Fresh air on the beach is a great hangover cure... looks like a good day

Sure is - it worked a treat. Thanks for stopping by :)


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Beautiful photos - thanks for sharing

Yikes! I love driving, but, I always miss out on the scenery. There is only great scenery when I am driving.

The entire platform is moving over. Make room for us.

Being a passenger most of my life has been nice, I've seen some great scenery 😁

There is room for everyone at present!

I was born in an oceanic island so I get "ocean" longings.... I long for the sea and its smell sometimes. I'm happy in the mossy woods but sometimes I need to travel and dip my feet in salted water, we can't now, we're bound to the province for a while.

Mossy woods are great also but earthing in the sea tops the list for me. I hope you can return to your oceanic roots soon enough 😌

Me too, I filmed a video at the ocean last year (in fact two ) the second I've not even had time to edit, but so far we're bound to our communities, and our car is also in its last months of utile life hahaha
I really long for the sea so often, this is the song I mean, Surrender, it's in fact a song about a longing for the sea
Hope all is fine
Here I'm still on my healing journey it's been a long journey but i'm not in a hurry just determined to be better each day

I never understood the fuss about driving either. Probably with time and many hours of driving, pleasure might come lol. Many experienced drivers say that it is like being on autopilot when driving and maybe that gives the sense of chill. Dunno. But it's cool that you keep driving and see where it takes you.

Yes I think with years of experience and more autopilot, driving will be less of a worry - I have a long way to go, literally :)

are those stairs to no-where? I love things like that!

It looks that way but you can use them to get down to the beach :)

That's really nice, a great turistic place to visit, they even have their own language, i mean another different than spanish. Really good story, i got a good idea of the place. Thanks! Cheers!

Yes Mallorquin is different to Spanish - I am trying to learn Spanish first!

Those are some lovely pictures.
I love driving, yes it could be little frustrating sometime, does not matter if you drive in city or outside.
I hate traffic lights and i am glad that we live in a small town so don't have to deal with them a lot.

Thank you :)

There are also very few traffic lights in the town where I live, which is nice!