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In this third post in our LinkedIn file for SMEs, we are continuing to build your entrepreneurial profile.


Reminder: More and more businesses and professionals are using LinkedIn as a phone book , looking for experienced, qualified and recommended service providers, other businesses, or professionals.
So the key question is: if someone needs information about your industry, are your company and your salespeople visible? And if they are, can they be easily contacted by LinkedIn members outside of their network?

A good and nice click makes effect.
By taking advantage of the 100 characters of the title to place keywords .
By not forgetting to personalize your public url and the titles of your sites and blog.
And by completing your contact information.
Now let's discuss the following frames that make up the body of your profile . We will come back to the second update frame later.

The summary
The professional background section begins with a summary. Don't neglect it! I still see too many profiles where this section is almost non-existent.

The summary is even more important with the new profile where the size of the top area is reduced. It then appears above the fold, which makes the first sentences all the more important. Adopt the funnel technique . Start with the most important message: In a short paragraph, summarize your vision as an entrepreneur . Only then give details.
Consider separating your summary into several blocks: company information, information about your professional career (hard skills) and personal information (soft skills).

So after the initial headline filter, your summary is the starting point, the foundation on which other professionals will form their opinions about you and your business.

You have good paragraph to tell your life story. However, this is indeed a summary; So avoid lengthy explanations and favor a presentation cut into graphically separate paragraphs and each centered around a main idea.

The Internet user is by definition in a hurry and impatient. They'll scan your summary and only read it if something catches their eye.

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