The CTP Update - It's Hard Not To Get Excited!

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After last night's webinar, we were fired up!

We had a fantastic turn out and there as plenty of discussion about what is being built, right here and right now, on Steem / CTP Talk!

There was excitement in the air and it's been like this since the beginning of the year. We're having dozens of new merchants coming on board with Fire-Pay looking to tap into the activity here on Steem and of course CTP Talk.

I had quite a 'moment' last night as well...

A realization of how AWESOME the future will be for affiliate marketers when they embrace this remarkable blockchain that we're building on...


Let's break down this screen shot to appreciate how BIG this is...

  1. I have been creating content using the 'CTP' tag on Steem / Because of all the support I've been receiving and my own curation efforts....I'm earning 'CTP Tokens'.

  2. I then look to the merchants that are partnered with and find a deal or two....Using the instant payment integration script (IPI) that Fire-Pay provides, I spend my CTP Tokens for these products and services that are offered.

  3. I then get advertising and promotional services that help me promote my affiliate marketing business to thousands of others....

  4. I'm back to creating more content daily on and continue to earn CTP Tokens!

In a nutshell...I never pay out of pocket for ANY of my advertising and marketing needs. My effort, here on the blockchain through content creation, curation and engagement FUND my online business!

Read that a few times to really get it....

No excuses!

If you are an entrepreneur, this should be making you grin from ear to ear!

We get to build a market of thriving businesses, using a token that is earned and 'mined' by doing exactly what is taught around the industry....Network daily and add value to people's lives!

Personally, I can't think of a better opportunity in the history of affiliate marketing!


Learn more about the CTP, CTP Token and the Fire-Pay IPI:

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The Union Is Here!

Blockchain meets Affiliate Marketing....

CTP Condenser -

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CTP Token on SteemLeo DEX -


Now we need only 99 more blog posts with calling others to take ACTION and create content to get money and we are there :)

Amen to that!! #pushon in CTPTalk!!! We have many Unicorns to save & now it's actually possible 🦄

LOL The message is getting out there...VERY slowly lol

This is big news and will reach out shortly re: firepay

Awesome, yeah we're really excited about it. Whole new markets we will be opening up to :)

The cliches are real. You can win win. You can have you cake and it to. FREE is real. Money out of pocket free is. You are putting your time and effort into earning your CTP tokens. It is real block chain money. Real money earned with your brain.

Win win.


Proof of brain for real :) Yeah man, I still pinch myself and am so thankful we found this blockchain.

Epic direction for an Industry that has been around as long as the Internet. A fantastic real world and applicable system that replaces all those others that have conned and scammed the community.
Integration is the key word and this is in more ways than one.
All it took was one pissed off community and one driven creative genius and one no fear coder willing to make it happen all integrated .
Fantastic stuff -

oh, Post script: can you tell i'm excited :)

LOLOL I'm on a mission to rid the world of PayPal lol

This is exciting and more of a reason to save some ctp tokens vs staking it all

50/50 split for me always :)

I think this is huge.
A person house money can be separate from the business money.
One can start an affiliate marketing business without spending house money. HUGE for many struggling, in the middle of road hard workin folk.
HUGE!! another currency can fund an online business......let's do it

Yeah man...And it's just getting started. Once more people 'get it' they'll start to come to CTP to learn the ropes and create great content...

With an 'in house' community to support them along the way :)

Well, I think you know where I stand. I remove pp and bam! Two 50 dollar co op shares purchased on firepay. No idea where this will end; but am enjoying the ride and reinvigorated like it was 2002!

Trail blazing man.....Just like 2002 ;)

That be a good hashtag,# backtothefuture, #2002vision, #2002trailblaze, etc

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Use case is everything, and we have now invented "money into pocket" business instead of out of pocket for starting it, stay awesome.