The CTP Update - @ThisIsAwesome ...Is Awesome!

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Development and exciting news seem to be normal around these parts....And today is no different. We've got a ton to go over, so let's get started!

We've delegated 2000 Steem Power to the @thisisawesome project spearheaded by @flaxz

He's been working his tail off to highlight all the amazing content that is being created on CTP as well as Steem itself. He has also begun to assemble a team to help him curate. We thought this would be a perfect project to support as we're big believers in supporting our community!

@thisisawesome does just that!

Be sure to give the project a follow and support the amazing content that it curates and highlights!

Thanks Erik for all your hard work and support!!!!

We've added a brand new training section to your CTP members area! It's called 'Walk Throughs' and it does exactly as it says. We will be doing walk through training on every inch of the program that is featured.

Our first program that is featured in the Walk Throughs is List Nerds! But we have done something unique....If you want YOUR program to get in-depth walk through training to be featured within CTP, you can purchase it inside the Owners Marketplace!

This is a unique opportunity for a program to be fully featured within our training!

Speaking of ListNerds....

Badges have been added back to the system! You now earn CTP badges for almost EVERY tasks you do within the system. And a special side note as well, ListNerds will be added to 'Mastery' today as well....A fantastic time to get involved with the ListNerds program!


There are 33 badges you can collect by simply...Using ListNerds!

As well, there will be some special surprises for badge claims...Something unique to ListNerds and the ClickTrackProfit community!

And finally....This!

The Power of the CTP Token.png

This graphic has been circulating social media today to raise more awareness to just how AWESOME ClickTrackProfit is becoming!

In this, you can see how you can simply build your brand through content creation on , take your earnings from the blogging platform and then exchange the tokens for REAL marketing tools and services from trusted partners with Fire-Pay!

Not a bad way to spend a weekend :)

And we've got lots more coming...Stay tuned!


Learn more about the CTP, CTP Token and the Fire-Pay IPI:

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The Union Is Here!

Blockchain meets Affiliate Marketing....

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Behalf of the Moderation team of thisisawesome, THANKS a lot! :)
I think that Big Boss will say his words, soon :)

Thank you Zoltan for being an awesome part of this project, you are doing a great job.

I didn't know @flaxz was behind the project. Great to see it grow. This is awesome! ;)

Yeah man, he's been really busy on the blockchain. So awesome to watch!

Thanks for the mention @gadrian, I try my best, and now I have an awesome team too that makes an outstanding job.

Great to hear Erik, it's a lot of work for one man, so having a team was the next awesome thing to do, to grow the project.

Thanks, yeah it is a lot of work, a team is very needed, and not having to do all myself means I can develop some things to add even more value, like the screenshots for all posts that we have now, stay awesome.

Excellent outcomes for all, seeing walk through and List Nerd Badges
As for the delegation to @thisisawesome, well thats just Awesome, no better deserving than Flaxz and his team :)

Thanks Russell, Team Awesome is doing it's best, and I am glad you like it.

Crushing it, and awesome to have their amazing support!

Totally agree that Erik does a awesome job.

One of the biggest assets that CTP's tribe has for sure!

Thank you very much Crowsin, I am honored to hear it, stay awesome.

As another person who works with @flaxz, it is amazing how hard he works on this blog. He is a huge asset to ctptalk as well as #2020vision. Thank you for this delegation. It is definitely appreciated by the whole This Is Awesome team.

And I think you saved a bunch of Unicorns doing it.

Thanks for the mention Pixie, and you are making an awesome job moderating the #2020vision posts.

Oh the unicorns are dancing for sure!! :)

I think the @thisisawesome project is great and awesome. It is great work @flaxz has been doing with this project.

It really is and a great way to highlight and support the CTP tribe!

Thanks for the mention and support Howard, and stay awesome.

@thisisawesome is indeed awesomely encouraging to us all. And great to see badges back at listnerds.

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Thanks Kimberly, and thank you very much for your delegation and support.

Absolutely...I'm working on the badges and mastery today...And I own the program!!!! lololol

All I can say right now is; THIS IS AWESOME!!

Nothing but facts sir, nothing but facts!

And you are awesome too Sig, keep up your great work.

Thanks a lot for this great support to @thisisawesome, and a big shoutout to Team Awesome @ph1102 and @pixiepost who are doing a fantastic job, it's just amazing to be around this whole great community, and great work with putting together this whole affiliate marketing portfolio, stay awesome.

You guys are doing fantastic work...The least we could do was support with some delegation!! Keep crushing it!

Thanks, we will do our best. 👍😀

thanks to the contributors & supporters.
Good to see CTP moving to phase 2.
listnerds is a nice add, and look forward to using it.
badges oh badges

Oh the badges are back for sure :)

Phase 2 is going to be insane :)

Please allow me to repost, in Indonesian, so that the Steemian community in Indonesia understands the #ctp update better

That's fine, just please use the CTP tag only when you are posting about affiliate marketing, online business or personal development topics.

But I have reposted this post, in Indonesian, you can see it on my blog ,,