Don't For A Second Underestimate The Power Of Hive On Twitter

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Don't For A Second Underestimate The Power Of Hive  Twitter.png

In case you haven't noticed... Our good friend @NathanMars is back on the blockchain.

Do you remember Seven77?

It was pretty powerful!

It went through changes, new initiatives but the general goal was to raise massive awareness for the blockchain on Twitter. And get more people, looking at the amazing community that exists here...

Fast forward and he's been spearheading the #Hive5 movement!

Now...Here's my plea....

Please don't ignore the power that these movements can have on Twitter.

Hate it or love it, the crypto sphere LOVES Twitter and everyone who is everyone, pays attention to the blue bird!

I have yet to get involved with the #Hive5 movement just because of my horrible internet and inability right now to upload any videos, but rest assured....I'll be all over this like white on rice!

We scream 'marketing this and marketing that'...Folks we have the BEST marketing strategy of all, right here...Community!

And when we start waving the flags that this is our home and this is our blockchain, people will notice.

I'm not sure why people say this stuff doesn't work...It does. And if you need a quick reminded, the 'hostile take over' was literally stopped in it's tracks because we, as an entire community, stepped up on Twitter!

Maybe it's not #Hive5 that captures your attention...

Perhaps it's the #HiveIsAlive hash tag...

Or a simple $HIVE in your Tweets...

Me myself, I've been using #ThriveOnHive since day one...

Whatever you choose to embrace, I implore you (if you are on Twitter) to get involved and use these hash tags.

You want marketing results...This is it!

No need to hire over priced consultants, because Hive has something most other blockchains would die for...And that is the community.

The people!

And when we start screaming to the world that we are out there, supporting each other and sharing the news about this blockchain...The world we hear and see us!

I'd recommend pointing them to or a Dapp that helps brings people into our community quickly and then we support them...

Comment on their posts. Encourage them to get involved with a community. Embrace them with upvotes....Anything to make them feel like they've got a home here on the blockchain!

It'll start with attracting them via Twitter but then it'll really help growth when we get them involved and playing in our sandboxes with us...

Maybe I'm a dreamer. A dude that is so attached to this blockchain I can't see anything else...

I'm a shill, I admit it :)

But I still say, we've got the greatest blockchain online.

Let's tell it to the world!

Feel free to use this infographic is you wish...I designed it when HIVE first launched, but I think it helps bring the message home :)


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#hive5 is an awesome movement! I'm so glad to see @nathanmars again here with us and he is crushing it!

And not just he, all the other Hivians who took ACTION and are promoting the place where you BUILD and EARN... I've got an incredible result personally by being involved in #hive5... Got a dozens of followers and connected with some great people on Hive, through Twitter, which is really powerful!

Would like to call others to join the movement and profit through building relationships with some awesome people out there!


And to think some people still don't agree that Twitter helps Hive....Mind blowing.

We are doing big things on that platform...Just need to keep at it!

Not just Twitter, all platforms... Different platforms, different audience, just forward them to Hive... Job's done!

I remember being an active part of @nathanmar's #Seven77 challenge. It was life changing for a lot of us. Now, I am excited that we are all a part of the #Hive5 movement. We are all taking Twitter by storm & the response has been amazing.

Also, the best part of all of this is our community pulling together again as we once did before Steem's takeover. We are able to put differences aside & celebrate each other by retweeting each other's content & doing shout-outs to make others feel appreciated. That's what we all want, isn't it? A take over will NEVER happen on #Hive because we know the way to empower ourselves as well as each other.

I thank @nathanmars for breathing more life into our community. I always go by that saying "If you build it, they will come.." Well, people ARE noticing & are jumping in as well. I have never been so happy to be a part of a community as I am with Hive. 💚

It's feels like I'm taking all the credits.

Seven77 was our collective efforts. Hive5 will be the same.

HIVE is ours and Hive5 is our movement

We got this

You are so right - everyone has a huge part in this. Without our community, we wouldn't be able to bring HIVE to the level we are already at.

That is what sets us apart from the rest!

Yes, we definitely got this! #HIVE5 Nathan 🙌 💜

Amazing things happen when we build together!

I think this is just the beginning of what we can accomplish as a community!

YESSSS! I have no doubt that we are onto something HUGE. And with a community like ours. we already won :)

Oh Yes! The big hustler is now back at the most right time!

Oh how I missed the Seven77 initiative!

And Hive5 is now starting to make its headline on Twitter!

I don't know what or how but my little guts is telling me Hive5 is gonna be the real deal!

Real good to have you back bro @nathanmars!

Oh no doubt!

It's amazing to see people get together and help push the HIVE message to the world.

Let's tell it to the world

We got this. HIVE Twitter will overtake CT


We see other blockchains do it, there is no reason why HIVE can't as well!

I am sure loving this whole Hive blockchain! Especially after what happened last night. :-) #Minnow Now I need to figure out #Hive5.

Massive congrats for hitting that milestone.

I remember it very well :)

Thanks so much, Jon! Enjoying the journey and looking forward to hitting my next goal! 😀

I think I should seriously think of my creating twitter account. Do not have one till now.

It's fantastic for crypto related things

We keep pushing through every medium till the world get to noticed what the community truly has to offer to the world yet to be realised by many

Yup....Be a product of your product...I have stopped using some social media platforms completely so I can focus on HIVE!

This movement Nathan has created is amazing, Twitter is blowing up with post about it. We should almost be thanking Justin for buying that other blockchain because Hive is better then ever.

Yup. Everything happens for a reason.

Twitter and me aren't best friends but I will probably need to get back to it ;-)

I literally use it, to promote HIVE now and CTP lollol

You're right about it, I think we've been about this, twitter has been instrumental to the birth of hive and also it'll remain instrumental to how vast it can reach. We as community needs to utilize it a whole lot

agreed. it’s so powerful and can be such a benefit to this entire blockchain.

Very true..
The world needs to know about hive.
Recently, I make sure I tweet all my posts with #posh. I'll have to start using the above mentioned # tags. Thanks for sharing this. Its quite informative and resourceful.

For sure, yeah no matter what the hash tag, people are helping spread the word....Twitter is so powerful!

Twitter is alive with hive all over it. New followers and great comments about hive! It is great to see so many folks getting active with hive5

Yeah I wanna get going on it....But these interwebs lol They are killing me!