Think of the word NO as a qualifier when talking to leads. :)

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There's a method of thinking about doing phone calls and SMS messages with leads that helps your mental outlook with rejection:

You have to be willing to hear a lot of "NO's", or "Not interested", or "I don't have any money".

Hearing "No" Actually Helps You!

Think about it....

If part of your funnel involves phone calls, hearing a "No" like that actually HELPS you.


Because you're sifting through the leads to find the ones that ARE interested, and have the money, time and gumption to make something happen.

The rest don't, and you don't have to talk them into something.

Ditch the NOs.

Better yet, send them to an alternative funnel that involves no cost.

I have two funnels I use for the "NOs":

I send them (SET)
It's a great into funnel that requires no up front capital and allows people to see that they can literally start earning today.

I send them to my LeadsLeap blog post.

I created that blog post for LeadsLeap, which explains how they can start earning income and building their list with no up front investment. It's free, and covers all 4 methods LeadsLeap gives you to earn income.

If it Costs me anything, I don't have any money

I just had one of my leads literally tell me: "IF it's going to cost me anything I don't have any money."

They LITERALLY said those exact words to me. Which is fine.

I sent them the URL for my LeadsLeap free system and SET and moved on.

If they bite, great, if not, oh well. I am on to the next lead. :)

So think of the "No" answer as a qualifier: it qualifies your lead for the free funnel.

Affiliate Marketers like autoresponders. There's no rejection to FEEL.

This is the reason why affiliate marketers like automated email autoresponders only.

They don't have to 'sell' face to face, so there's no rejection that they FEEL.

In reality, using an automated system with autoresponder only leaves money on the table from people who will respond to a real human talking to them.

I had another lead that came in. They were added to my autoresponder.

I'll call this person "Bob". :)

Bob didn't respond to my autoresponder emails. No clicks to multiple emails that were automatically sent.

So I called Bob. We talked.

Bob was actually interested. Someone like Bob would fall through the cracks with an AR only system.

Some affiliate marketers that are not used to network sales don't want to hear someone tell them NO.

No is Just a qualifying Statement!

No is just a qualifying statement. It qualifies the lead to go to the free system, and you don't waste your time. That's a win for both of you.

You can spend time with the Bobs on the phone, and send the rest to a free funnel. :)

I hope this helps some of you who may be working with Rob Gehring's Massive Success Funnel. It's a GREAT service offering, and one I believe strongly in.

The best leads for the Massive Success Funnel come from the TL2IVM traffic Co-Op, and come into The Conversion Pros with name, email AND phone number.

If you have a chance, I would recommend watching Rob's webinar tonight. Should be a blast. :)


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Great post. This actually the first post I have reposted. More people need to understand the value of NO. I had never thought of "NO" as a positive before. Thhanks for the advice.