Weekly Noob Look at Crypto Market #26 - BTC over 10K, STEEM at 20 cents!

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If I remember well, this is the second week in colored in green... Okay, it wasn't like the past one, but pretty good and with some optimistic view into the future... So, let's jump into the review of the week and interesting coins of my interest...

Bitcoin has continued with his growth in the last 7 days also... Actually, today was the day when it has passed that important psychological $10,000 number... The price last week was $9,400, it went down a little until $9,100 and then it started to climb on Wednesday and we are currently at the price of around $10,080 per BTC.


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Ethereum was following very nice Bitcoin on its way, growing in value against BTC and USD. Last week's price was $192, and now it's already around $226! If we take a look at the price in BTC, it was 0.02033655, and now it's 0.02248972 BTC per Ethereum.

Just a reminder about altcoins... In a bear market, when BTC was pumping, alts were going down, and when BTC was dumping, alts were going down... This time it looks different... Altcoins are following BTC in the price rising, but not every one of them...

And STEEM is one of the coins that couldn't keep the pace of Bitcoin... To be honest, the price has risen from last week's $0.18 to $0.20, but I have a feeling that it can do much better. If we take a look at the pricing in BTC, it was 1909 satoshis and now it's around 1991 satoshis... There is space for much more growth, and I hope that we will see it in the near future.


As STEEM was doing relatively well, Steem-Engine tokens didn't follow it and mostly drop in price.

The CTP token with all it's potential and created payment system, trying to hold on the bottom price of 0.018 STEEM per token... The adoption is slow as the affiliate marketing industry has to adapt to new circumstances and crypto in general... Last week's price was in the 0.018-0.055 range, and at the moment the price is between 0.018-0.036 range. But, if we look from the positive side, the price is still holding nice... The circulating supply is 1.027 M tokens and the last 24h volume was really low, only 16 STEEM / $3.28.

The PAL token didn't have any better week than others... I would say that they have maybe the worst week of all the tokens... The price dropped significantly, from the last week's 0.089-0.099 STEEM to 0.035-0.039 STEEM per token at this moment... The circulating supply is 6.115 M PAL and the last 24h volume was very low, only 29 STEEM / $5.80.

One is sure, the SPT token has gone back to its price from 2 weeks ago, after the big pump last week... Last week's price was crazy, going to whooping 0.0399 STEEM per token, but today it's in 0.00172-0.00175 STEEM per token range. The circulating supply is 35.039 M SPT and the last 24h volume was low, 64 STEEM / $12.81.

With their launch of a digital product marketplace and token burn, the price of LEO token had a nice bump as I said in the last report, but as always, the price fell to the place where it wants to be... And that is the 0.11-0.135 STEEM per token price range as I'm writing this post. It's almost exactly the same price as it was 2 weeks ago. The circulating supply is 3.952 M LEO and the last 24h volume was 183 STEEM / $36.81.

My staked tokens summary (this week - last week):
CTP token - 51090 (49100)
LEO token - 3444 (3425)
BATTLE token - 9613 (9500)
SPT token - 22870 (22468)
PAL token - 1430 (1407)


DISCLAIMER: I am not a financial advisor. The advice here given is not a piece of financial advice even though my excitement might make it look like such.

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Very interesting to see these developments Zoltan, and how many coins and tokens move together while others don't, and despite the fact that Steem could not keep up with the increase in BTC I still think that is a good sign since that means it's more independent from those movements and trading on it's own fundamentals, let's see how CTP token develops further FirePay has not been around long enough for wider adoption among users even if the site are implementing it all around, stay awesome.

That's what I was thinking... If STEEM doesn't follow BTC, it can be actually a good sign... ;) Will see how will goes... CTP needs more time, and that's it... Tools are there and that's the most important... ;)

Thanks Zoltan, yeah it's great developments on both ends and with time and continued action it can only go up, stay awesome.