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OK, So I just wanted a Video on Dtube from Erik Gustafsson (flaxx) https://peakd.com/hive-196037/@flaxz/ew840sz34gv About Luke is on Life support He Makes a Great Point that there is not enough Traffic Exchanges and Mailers not taken a Great Part In this set up. There seems to be over 50 Spots for TE's or Mailers to take Advantage of .

Here is the Challenge to any and all TE's and Mailers lets put some CPR Back in Luke the List Build and CTP Scavenger Hunt. There is a Great Deal going on With the Scavenger Hunts Tokens right now for Owners 75% off of All.

This is Awesome if you have the funds to set some up. It will get more Members to your Sites if the Like to do The Scavenger Hunts.
5 Scavenger Hunts are Usually $50.00 But with 75% off 5 Hunts are not $12.50 or you can buy a Monthly Subscription of them.

I have Taken the 1st Step for the rest of this month to try and get some Life back in to the CTP Scavenger Hunt. I have put my site http://taxicabhits.com in the the Scavenger Hunt for the rest of Feb 2021.

Who else is going to take a Step forward and start to build there list and Business using Luke the List Builder and See what Can Happen. IT'S UP TO YOU TO MAKE THINGS WORK FOR YOU.

Thanks for reading and hope to see you in the CTP Scavenger Hunt.

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Aaron Green
Skype: greensempire


Thank you very much for this initiative Aaron, let's keep Luke alive and thriving.

Flaxz you are Welcome , I would like to see more happen with Luke Too.

Yeah Mike actually got some great stuff coming.

This is awesome, thanks Aaron for doing this post. I hope this sale will get more sites involved in the scavenger hunt so we can keep Luke the list builder alive.

Thanks for the feedback, Yes we need to Keep Luke Alive He has helped me build my List This past Year.


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Woohooo Luke is getting a taxi ride!
Thank you so much Aaron! I hope others can follow you and give Luke a second chance for grat adventures!

Thanks for Reading Eliana, Yes I have given Luke a Ride for the Rest of the Month. I am Hoping others will Help and Get him to their Sites.

Mustang Traffic has joined in the hunt for the rest of February and the entire month of March. Mustangtraffic.online has a new owner, new look, has CTP Badges, cypto referral builder and much more. So come ride a taxi or for more fun, come ride a mustang.

Nicely Done Michael Welcome to Let's put Some CPR Back into Luke the List Builder.

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