The Secret of a Happy Life

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Curly explains is very well in this short video clip from the Movie City Slickers.
Please take one minute to hear it.

If you ask me, Curly’s advise is brilliant.
Who can know, who can tell you what your one thing in life is?

The Conundrum
So many people are just like Billy Crystal’s character. They want to know what that one thing is, they want to know what their one thing is. People are yearning to find out how to live a happy life. Everyday people are asking these questions, and sadly everyday people are receiving incorrect answers. Even only the experts/gurus/coaches would give the same advise Curly gives, people would be better off. But to sell, many folks offer bad answers or their own personal solution, and this just misleads people and actually causes more problems.

I have attended many seminars, and I understand there is money in real estate, but personally I do not have an interest in rental building or properties. Sorry, not for me. Also, I am not going to join the corporate world, play the stock market actively, attend college or or wear a suit and tie. It is just not me, and I have learned this. So, hearing any of it is just a waste of time and possibly money. I have learned I must find my own individual one thing. But How?

The Solution
Well, for me, the answer was joining the MKMMA class. It is designed for me to discover my own “one thing”. No instructor is telling what to think, instead teaching me HOW to think. Man, discovering how to think, discovering what my “one thing” is without anybody trying to sell me on the product or dream…….refreshing.

If you are already in the MKMMA, I hope you are able to share my appreciation of the coursework and grasping our own “one thing”. If you are not already enrolled, please contact a current member how you can get enrolled into the next class. Because YOU DESERVE IT!

”My One Thing(s)”


These shapes and color symbolize my new future.
It is my future, inspired by the creator,
written down by me and will be lived by me.


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Very interesting the MKMMA thing. I was thinking about Mixed Martial Arts when I first saw the letters but I did a google search. Also, I love that movie City Slickers and sequel(s) ... just kinda watched the 2nd one the other night cause it was on the TV when I was on my computer.

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