Motivation When Times Get Rough...

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Being an entrepreneur is a rough gig...

We bust out butts, a lot more than 40 hours a week, for the OPPORTUNITY, not the guarantee, at making a living.

You are going to have great times, when everything seems to click...

And then you are going to have rough times, where you end up questioning yourself...

It's all part of the journey.

This is why I have maintained over the years that your 'reason why' must be greater than just...

"I wanna make some money!"

That's the easy answer. That's low hanging fruit. And just 'making money' is not going to pull you through the rough times because at the end of the day...If you wanna just 'make money' you can go get a 9 to 5 at any time.

But alas, we're entrepreneurs...We're wired slightly different.

Your reason why ends up becoming your fuel. It keeps you going when the slow times hit but also keeps you grounded when things are great. The problem is, remembering those reasons why...Every single day. Especially when things aren't so smooth...


I try to keep my 'personal mission statement', in front of me at all times...

On my journal, I have written out my personal mission statement to remind me...WHY...I'm trying to build businesses online. It's not just for 'money', it's for a bigger purpose.

To help others. Period.

To serve as many people as I can!

I use this mission statement anytime I hit a wall...

Like today, I had a really rough day. One of the worst in recent memory...And believe me, the last thing I felt like doing was sitting down and writing a blog post...

But I was in my office, staring off into space and then I caught a glimpse of my journal....BAM!

I immediately saw my mission statement, and it fired me up!

This is why I'm here, I told myself...If one person reads this blog, and gets fired up too...I've done my job. My reason 'mission' has been accomplished for the day :)

But you see...My job is never done! And that's the beautiful thing about entrepreneurship...We're always trying to get better. And help more people...

Here's a little bit of homework for ya :)

I would recommend developing your own personal mission statement to remind you...Why you are even trying to become an entrepreneur in the first place!

This will take time, it's not a 5 minute exercise. It's personal reflection and shouldn't be rushed...

Because when you do develop it, write it out and post is everywhere around you....It becomes a part of you.

It's purpose!

It's the fuel that might be exactly what you are looking for to fire you up, and build something awesome!


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When you are down... When you had a bad day... When everything goes in the wrong way...

It's the PERFECT time to write motivational post!!!

lol ya. the last person you should be taking motivational advice from is someone unmotivated lolololll

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Hi @jongolson Nice words of wisdom, Money motivation will only lead to non fulfillment. A person who only has the motivation of money is not able to be there, not able to actually recognise the people that make their business and therefore end up eventually with no business
Years ago I recognised a difference between artists that look at a blank canvas and only see a dollar sign, and Artists that paint from the heart.
A business is an art practice, its an art form and to be a true artist one must learn the tools of the trade and develop the skills to be honest, up front and be in it because of the love of expression.
Passion for what you represent and passion for aiding others on their journey.

Nuff said :)

really good way of looking at it. seth godin always stayed that marketing and business was art. and it’s something we need to ship or put out for the world to see.

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I been finding that writing a daily blog post has really been help me. It distracts and takes me away from the daily grind and issues in life.

Great advice Jon.


it’s true man. really helps. especially if it’s built into a daily habit. very powerful.

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Some of us have no choice, it's hard to say whether we chose to be an entrepreneur or it chose us. As you say, we tend to be wired differently. I could never work for anyone us, I would be totally miserable regardless of the job. The few attempts I made to work for someone else I always felt I was being held back and left that situation very quickly.

so true man. i’d be lost in a 9 to 5 environment. nothing wrong with that for people but the entrepreneurs need their freedom lol

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Very few believe they achieve their goals with a 9 to 5 and doing it all for someone else. If it was easy, everyone would do it so it is a journey for few. I have not got there yet but dream of the day I can give it a go!

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bingo. if this was easy. everyone would be doing it!!!

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I hope Monday is a better day for you

so far so good lol

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For the Love of Life.
For the Love of Creation, your creation...
Nice motivation!
But at some point the money gotta come in, too,
right Bro ;)?

Yeah...We need to pay bills for sure. But if you are just motivated by money, it tends to back fire.

True. First motivation should come from the Heart.

To leave a legacy on the history of music: by helping others get their music out there and by creating my own music and getting it heard while at the same time evoking feelings on those who want to experience it.

that’s awesome man. love it.

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Beautiful post...and wise words. We are wired differently for sure! When we find that mission, it becomes a deeper part of ourselves. Nothing can stop us.

My life mission has always been to show people their true worth. When I realized that was also my "why" in business, it fueled me & allowed me to do that in various ways. Then the Pixie Post was born.

It's as you said, if I can help one person a day, it's all worth it. :) Keep on going, Jon. You are doing amazing things & will continue to do so. We got you! :)

that’s exactly it. that’s really my measuring stick. if i get a comment or email where someone says they learned something or it helped them. that’s a win.

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Exactly! Money is good & all, but you can't take it with you. Ultimately it's all about the higher purpose. 😉🥰

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When you keep the mission in mind, the bad days are just little speed bumps.

so true. tiny hurdles :)

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Hope things are going better for you. I think my mission is to help others live a better life but I am working on improving mine first. ;)

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no risk no reward

Great post Jon. It is very easy to get discouraged or distracted and lose site of why we are here in the first place.

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Awesome Post Jon, We all lost sight of the Bigger Picture from time to time. Motvation it what Keeps Many of Us going each Day. The Quote I use all the Time is , Life is a One Way Street Make the Most of it going Forward, Because we can not go Back.

Knowing why and remind ourselves of it is the best way to keep going, wise words @jongolson, thanks for sharing them, it's awesome.

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when i owned my own businesses years ago it was the time of my life. I really enjoyed seeing things grow and even though i wasn't making very much money, it was nice to know that the business and everything in it was all MINE. It went on for 11 years and even though i was very happy to not be working 16 hour days after I sold it all, I ended up missing it years later - a sensation that continues to this day.

The mission statement is a really good idea though. It reminds of this trainer that I know that said everyone trying to lose weight needs to have a "dream wall" - just a board next to their desk with images of why they are doing this in the first place. I used that tactic and it was extremely motivating for sure.

I'm motivated🤗. Thanks @jongolson

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Awesome!!!!! Great to hear :)