My Hive Goals for @invest4free - Week 14

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This is my weekly rewards report for the #MyHiveGoals challenge put out by @robwillmann.

With this account I want to show that it is possible to build an online business/investment portfolio without any fiat money invested at the start.

My goals are:

  • 500 hive power
  • 10000 ctp staked

Currently my holdings are:

  • Hive Power: 133,942
  • CTP: 3190
  • curation APR: 5,9%

Hive Power goal: 26,79%
CTP stake goal: 31,90%

My Big Hairy Audacious Goal:

  • Road to dolphin (5000 Hive Power): 2,68%

Growth needed to reach goal by the end of the year:

  • CTP: 400,6 per week
  • Hive Power: 21,533 per week

So many opportunities!

One of the awesome things about Hive and Hive-engine is that almost daily new opportunities for growth and earnings pop up and as a result I do quite a lot of things. The danger of that being that I am not focused enough on my goals.

Perhaps my goals were a bit too ambitious, because they were based on me winning some contests when I started, which gave me a good jumpstart for this project of becoming an investor for free.

My search for free ways to earn some extra income, yield farming if you will, has brought me to some interesting projects. I do have a sense that I am lucky in stumbling upon these opportunities in the right time.

Coinpot Faucets:

For about 3 month’s now I’ve been using the 7 coinpot faucets that all feed into the same wallet, which makes withdrawels possible almost every month for me. If you are interested, then check out This post

Swissborg bitcoin prediction competition

Then somebody invited me to use the Community app by Swissborg, which is a competition for predicting the price of Bitcoin in the easiest way possible: every day you simply have to choose if bitcoin will go up or down in the next 24 hours.

This costs hardly any time and I have so far collectes 600 CHSB. Tomorrow the rewards will be dramatically reduced, so I arrived in the right time to this app. I hope it will also mean that I can withdraw these CHSB tokens, since they represent a price of about 70 USD at the current price. Which is a lot if you get it for free :)

When Swissborg started this competition, the price of their token was very low, but a few month’s back it began a rally and so it has quite a nice price point. There is still a ranking for USD prices, so I will continue to daily predict the price of bitcoin. Hoping to get a few extra USD from that.

I really hope that I will be able to access these tokens soon and trade them for some Hive to power up.


Then ofcourse I started a dcity, because dcity is one of the most profitable Investments you can make on this blockchain in my personal opinion. Do your own research and realize that this game is still in beta. Things can go wrong with it anytime, but if it continues like it has or better, then you should invest some time in it. I like it a lot, since it is perfectly fine if I don’t look at it for a few days.


I have now also started playing cryptobrewmaster. I was hesitant at first, because I don’t want to play a game that costs me a lot of time. But at this stage, while it is still in Alpha-test and is not more than a minimum viable product, the rewards are great. And it does not require any investment. If the CBM price stays the same, then I suppose that within 6 weeks I will be able to withdraw 1000 CBM. Which is about 47 Hive at this time. Which will be used towards my Hive power goal.

Again, since this game is in alpha a lot can go wrong. But it is also hugely profitable and it does not require much time. If you want to try it, then sign up through this signup link, because that will give you some extra ingredients to start with.

So, what I decided to stop doing is trying to get some ROI on the old blockchain. Instead I am now powering that down and the first 47 Hive, has almost completely been used to grow my dcity for @elbrava. Sure, a profit can be made on the old blockchain, but it really isn’t worth my time when I see all these other awesome things happening.

The same thing for Blurt. Perhaps they will be succesful and still exist next year or even 5 years from now. If so, then likely their token will have appreciated in value. But I am not going to wait for that.

I was using some faucets pretty actively, but I won’t focus so much on that either. The time/reward ratio is just not good enough. Getting referrals though is worth it.

Freebitcoin faucet

I have now also one active referral on freebitcoin and I really notice the difference. So I have set up my account to now share 10% of my referral income with my referrals, based on their activity.

It is really cool that freebitcoin has a setting for this to do this even automatically every week. If I get some more referrals, then I will increase it more. At 10 active referrals, I will raise it to 25% profit sharing.

If that is interesting to you, then sign up below through the Start Earning Today program below. Freebitcoin is the first step in that program. After that it will show you some other cool ways to earn as well.


I guess what I’m trying to say is that it looks like my other activities are hurting my Hive power goal and my CTP staked goal, but I am hoping that some of them will actually help me achieve them. All without spending any fiat money.

What it has indeed hurt is my engagement a little bit and my blogging quite a bit. So I hope to refocus and get back on track with my blogging most of all and my engagement along with that.

Thank you for the support guys, you make all the difference. Let’s grow together!

Start Earning Today - It’s totally free!!

If you believe this crypto hype is going anywhere, then you need to make sure you are part of it.
Start Earning Today is a great place to start. Not because it shows you how to be rich in 10 days, it does not do that, but it introduces you to the world of Web 3.0.

The most powerful thing about Web 3.0 is that you earn crypto by doing what you already do, like searching for things and browsing the internet.

If you are not earning from these things, then you are missing out and some big corporations are earning from what you do every day.

So sign up for Start Earning Today and join the revolution!


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You have some interesting ways of earning crypto... Just stay away from gambling... hehehe... :)

Great report! Keep on pushing!

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Haha thanks, I won’t be gambling

I like the approach of using the hive earned from cryptobrewmaster to put into dCity. As I have just started cryptobrewmaster, I might do the same. I haven't played dCity though.

When I do start playing dCity, which cards should be the priority in purchasing?

When you start playing dcity it is generally best to buy random cards through the buy button, since most cards are still overpriced on the market.

The most important factor is balancing your population versus the amount of workers your production cards need.

Your want to always try to keep your unemployment around 0%.

I usually spend 80% of what I want to invest on random cards and then I use the rest of the hive or sim tokens to adjust my dcity so that the unemployment goes to 0% and all my production cards are indeed producing sim tokens.

Crypto gives us an amazing range of opportunities to "invest for free" and then to compound our small gains into larger and larger holdings. Exciting times!

Absolutely,I love it.

Also when you join projects at the their start, like this SwissBorg competition or cryptobrewmaster you can make a nice amount of gains that then can be used to compound.

There are literally endless ways to earn Hive and crypto! The possibilities are amazing. It sounds like you are using some great ways to earn that Hive to reach your goals :)

I do Cryptobrewmaster too as well as SL (very casually). I also enjoy doing different contests & engage a lot. Also the SET system is great as well. I agree with you about how easy it is to lose focus so I am working making it as systematic as possible so it works FOR me, not against me lol.

Best of luck to you & I know you will reach your goals sooner than you think! :)

Thanks @pixiepost. I am amazed by the growth I have been able to achieve so far without any fiat money.

A system is what I’m looking for as well. And regularly going through my activities to see if they are indeed generating enough income to be worth my time. I do try to keep an eye on the long term effect too.

What do you mean by SET system?

Oh the program @jongolson created - Start Earning Today! :) I always call it SET he he.

Ah ofcourse! It is such a mouth full isn’t it? I might start calling it SET as well from now on.

Ha ha ha right? Why stress ourselves??? 😁😂

Indeed, so true 🤣

This is a good progress report and review of different ways to earn crypto

Thank you for the kind words!

This is what I just end up doing without working hard for it. I love to think like an investor, optimize things and calculate what the return on investment is.

Often it’s also about trying new things.

What’s your strategy from growth?

I have a few daily routines I do with the faucets and commenting and likeing on posts I find interesting. I try to learn new things and follow click track profit training.

That sounds great, it is a very reliable way to grow your account.

Great post, some good tips here. Im playing cryptobrewamster, and thinking of looking into dcity as well.

Ah thanks. If you want to start playing dcity, then do check some of my older posts. Or just ask me some advice if you wonder how to start.

It’s not really difficult, but it is also not really user friendly yet.

Okay, will keep that in mind if and when i decide to try out the game. I once logged in there and had a quick look around.

Progress is progress and it is interesting learning about the resources other people use to accumulate crypto and not invest any fiat money. There are so many people who want to earn money online and don't have any to invest out of pocket so your list of resources is very helpful.

That is exactly the reason why I started this account. To show people how it could be done.

But I have to say that I’m surprised how quickly I’ve been able to grow.

Interesting to see your way of getting Hive.
I am personally invested in dCity, and yes it is great since you earn both sim & hive if you is among the top 300.
Congrat on being featured by @russellstockley.

Thank you!

Good post, you cover many different ways to earn crypto and several different coins. There is literally something out there for everyone. Weather you like gaming, creating content, curating or just using faucets and that is just some the choices are all out there. Thanks for the information.

Thanks, it is write a diverse portfolio isn’t it. I hadn’t thought if it like that 😊

Nice post.... some of then I used in past and some are I am working on....
Thanks for sharing and best if luck for yiur goals...

Thank you very much and the same for you too

Sounds like you're making good progress towards your goals. Keep up the good work.

Thank you!